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    Default Armalite has a new pistol, the AR24

    Does anyone know about this pistol? I was considering purchasing one but have not found any reviews on it yet. Seems like a good firearm but want to know more before I buy one.

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    Default Re: Armalite has a new pistol, the AR24

    Isn't it a Turkish CZ copy?

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    Default Re: Armalite has a new pistol, the AR24

    Judging from the review it sounds so dang heavy it could only be used as a range toy or HD gun.

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    Default Re: Armalite has a new pistol, the AR24

    Quote Originally Posted by J.P. View Post
    Isn't it a Turkish CZ copy?
    I believe it is a Sarsilmaz.
    Same as the gun you used to be able to buy at Academy but now made to Armalite specs.
    Also bumped to their price level.

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