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Thread: Cicadas!

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    Default Cicadas!

    They're everywhere today! Red eyed evil looking buggers!

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    Default Re: Cicadas!

    Lol u mean I'm not the only okie that doesn't call them locust !!
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    Default Re: Cicadas!

    We always called them jar flies.

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    Default Re: Cicadas!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mack45 View Post
    We always called them jar flies.
    That's what we always called them. Use to tie a sewing thread right behind their head and use them for an airplane when I was a kid. Our toys were pretty simple.
    Quote Originally Posted by dennishoddy View Post
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    Default Re: Cicadas!

    We called em targets. A Daisy Red Ryder and dime (that would be $2 nowadays) pack of BBs was fun for the day.

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    Default Re: Cicadas!

    Quote Originally Posted by SoonerATC View Post
    They're everywhere today! Red eyed evil looking buggers!
    To be followed by Cicada killing wasps.

    Killed about 20 last year but another 30 or 40 were successful in burying eggs & dead cicadas in our back yard. Best way I found to kill them is to run water in their burrow and smash them when they come out. Badminton raquets are also effective.

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    I call them bait. Nothing will attract fish like one flopping around on top of the water.
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    Default Re: Cicadas!

    Katy Dids is what we call them. When they start singing summer starts. When they stop summer is over.
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