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  1. Perplexed

    Oklahoma City New Ruger MKIV 22/45 Lite upper in OD Green

    @mouthpiece Didn’t know that! Thanks, but if I have the funds, I’m looking for a whole pistol. OP, good luck.
  2. Perplexed

    Shawnee gun show this weekend...

    You guys are a glutton for punishment with these small shows.
  3. Perplexed

    Veterinarian recommendations Tulsa/BA?

    I’d like to find a new vet clinic in south Tulsa / BA with at least two vets on staff, where the vets are good (of course) and who actually listen to their clients’ owners describing their pets’ ailments. This would be for dogs. Any recommendations? I’ve heard that Riverside charges an arm...
  4. Perplexed

    Ruger Mk II or III 5.5” barrel

    Sorry folks, I had forgotten about this ad. Not looking at this time, but thanks.
  5. Perplexed

    Well…… Gun buying is officially outta the question

    Meh, just trade some of that beef for your next firearm. Problem solved.
  6. Perplexed

    A great prank

    I don’t go anywhere near Farcebook, but I was able to play the embedded video as long as I ignored that big “Allow Farcebook to track with cookies?” popup. I just look around it without clicking on either of the “choices.”
  7. Perplexed

    Pic of shot foot........not for the squeamish.

    Why would anyone rest a long arm muzzle down on one’s foot? I can’t think of a single good reason for it.
  8. Perplexed

    Meme it up butter cup

    The parent will have to explain the purpose of a toilet plunger to this three-year-old.
  9. Perplexed

    What does this utility symbol mean?

    This reminds me of the last time I asked for the utility lines on my property to be marked as I had a project that would have involved digging. The guy who came out to mark the natural gas line started at the gas meter near the street, but he claimed he couldn’t find any line leading out from...
  10. Perplexed

    Oklahoma City FS/FT M1D cheek pad 11/62

    You might have better luck posting this on the CMP forum, or Gunboards.
  11. Perplexed

    North West OK Colt 1911 O8011XSE

    Was this particular one subject to the 2009 recall involving SN’s CG10000E through CG11293E?
  12. Perplexed

    The worlds smartest octopus

    You could tell the first woman was cold. Goose bumps and - uh, something else!
  13. Perplexed

    Nuther whatsit thread I found these in an old fishing tackle box

    A little boy 90 years ago is walking home from a day spent fishing at the lake. Stepping up onto the curb, he spots a shiny object in the gutter, and decides to put it in his tackle box. Some years later, the same boy, a bit older now but still filled with a boy’s wonder of the world around...
  14. Perplexed

    Why do we need cell phones

    I think cell phones can be a real boon as well as a real hindrance. See my avatar for the main reason I think they suck - not so much the phone itself, but when people use them!
  15. Perplexed

    Gender reveal

    Your son bats lefty?
  16. Perplexed

    How often do you sharpen mower blades, and to what extent?

    Sharpen mower blades? What for? Just bludgeon the grass into submission.
  17. Perplexed

    Home AC quit - capacitor???

    What a heck of a fix… I’d never have thought of that!
  18. Perplexed

    Telephoning Fish Still a Thing

    What, no hand crank? Pffft, that’s not old school!
  19. Perplexed

    Young lady at the gas station...

    I was envisioning a real woman, and wondering what the heck you guys were talking about. Thanks for the, uh, “edification.”
  20. Perplexed

    The 4th and pets

    My dogs don’t like it either, but they have a hidey hole underneath my bed. One of them will refuse to go on walks in the evenings from late June through mid July, yet she’ll go on those same walks at sunrise. Go figure.
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