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  1. gerhard1

    New ENS thread

    No; I ask that just one person at a time shoot. I think that that is a bit safer But I believe that the one ENS that I had the good fortune to host, went quite well.
  2. gerhard1

    Movies to Help Pass the Time

    Red Ball Express, the 1952 film about military truck drivers was quite good, I thought.
  3. gerhard1

    My Hoopty - 3 Pedal CTS-V

    As for me, I'm happy with my 2012 Silverado work truck. Plain Jane, gets me from Point A to Point B very reliably.
  4. gerhard1

    The eye doctor said,

    A group of Blacks a group of Mexicans and some Japanese were hired to work at a mine. The Blacks were to do the pick and shovel work, the Mexican's work was the wheelbarrows and the Japanese were to be in charge of the supplies. Each group bent to its' respective task, and the Blacks and...
  5. gerhard1

    Quick intro

    Welcome to the site. When I saw your avatar, I thought of QANTAS.
  6. gerhard1

    Some days!

    Once I locked myself out of my house and had to call a locksmith. After that, I had an extra key made and hid it good. Another time, I called the dealer and asked them which window was the cheapest to break. They asked why I wanted to know, and I said I locked my keys in the car and had to...
  7. gerhard1

    Biden and the 9mm

    If memory serves, the Biden campaign denied the NRA assertion that he wanted to outlaw 9mm pistols, What is he trying to say here?
  8. gerhard1

    1911 wrench

    I am older and I still use my fingers.
  9. gerhard1

    1911 wrench

    Welcome to the site!!!! Glad to have you with us!
  10. gerhard1

    1911 wrench

    I don't believe I ever used one. I have a Ruger Commander in 9mm.
  11. gerhard1

    New ENS thread

    FWIW, I plan to host an ENS in the fall. I've done it before and I loved playing host. I'm near the Kansas state line north of Medford.
  12. gerhard1

    The Walther PPK Is Not Very Good - video review

    As soon as he said that if you have a PPK for defense, you don't take self-defense seriously, that brought back memories of a flood of posts on the old Kansas forum from this poster who said that if you used anything other than what he approved of, you didn't take self-defense seriously. I'll...
  13. gerhard1

    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    After the last shortage, I stocked up and have what I need as far as rifle ammo is concerned. I still wish that the prices would come down though. Plus, the fact that I have cut way down on my shooting means that I am in a decent position right now.
  14. gerhard1

    Demonic' child throws 8-hour tantrum on Lufthansa flight

    If that were to happen to tom me, I'd turn my hearing aid down and remove my implant. Hearing loss can sometimes be a blessing.
  15. gerhard1

    Movies to Help Pass the Time

    How you been, ricco?
  16. gerhard1

    S&W 65

    Congratulations on getting a long sought-after gun. I had to wait for 30 years for my Model 58 but I finally got one a couple of months back.
  17. gerhard1

    Movies to Help Pass the Time

    1980's The Big Red One was what I just got through with. Good film with Lee Marvin Where Eagles Dare, a 1968 Clint Eastwood Richard Burton film was also very good.
  18. gerhard1

    Got to shoot in arizona

    Looked it up on GoogleMaps to confirm it but Ben Avery is where I took my Threat-Centered Revolver class with Grat Cuningham. You're right: great place.
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