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  1. foghorn918

    Anyone Know What This Statement is About?

    Came out after the announcements that OU is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC
  2. foghorn918

    My saving grace...

    I just tried the new Dr. Pepper Zero and the Cherry Dr. Pepper Zero. Much better tasting than other diet pops to me.
  3. foghorn918

    New vehicles are a joke in price.

    last car we bought was negotiated via email. Told them my out the door offer, they accepted. When we went to pick it up they started adding on doc fees, dealer something fee, etc. I produced the email where they agreed to the OTD price and called them on it, that's the price we paid.
  4. foghorn918

    drivers license stoopidity

    OK requires more documentation for the real ID DL than you need to get a US passport. It's ridiculous
  5. foghorn918

    Any Blackstone Griddle fans???

    Get you a dome too. Cooking veggies under the dome in some butter turn out great. We like broccoli, carrots, and cherry tomatoes sliced up and all mixed together. A zucchini and squash mix is good too.
  6. foghorn918

    Any Blackstone Griddle fans???

    I've cooked fajitas with bell peppers & onions, salmon, shrimp, burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, and pork chops. I haven't done breakfast on it yet, but I need too.
  7. foghorn918

    Mom gave the finger and her son got shot

    back in high school 1975-1976 one of my buddy's riding in the back seat of my car gave the finger to a guy in a corvette who was passing us on a two lane road. I had no idea what he'd done. The guy passed us, got in front of me, and then slammed on his brakes, I guess trying to get us to stop...
  8. foghorn918

    OK Full Auto Shoot

    Heartland Outdoors in Edmond used to have some full auto shoots. I went to two of them. Got to shoot fully auto AK74, M60, MP5, Tommy Gun .45acp, BAR 30.06, M4 5.56, AR 9mm, and an UZI There were others I didn't get to sample like AK47 and Glock Pistol that looked scary
  9. foghorn918

    Best potato chips?

    Kettle Cooked BBQ
  10. foghorn918

    ATF reclassifying frames and recievers

    What would be an appropriate comment example. Don't want to sound like gun nut, but would like to get point across?
  11. foghorn918

    Lost freedoms

    I took my bolt action .410 to school in 5th grade as part of an oral report assignment. Cleared it with the teacher first and had removed the bolt and left it at home. Was in a gun case and I walked to and from school with it about 6 blocks. Ahh, the good ole' days.
  12. foghorn918

    Wood porch swing plans _ Anyone got any?

    Have had this one for over 20 years. It has held up well and is comfortable. Easy to put anywhere.
  13. foghorn918

    Laser Engraving by Hailey Ordinance.

    I'm not out any money except for fingerprint cost at the Sheriff office since it was a prize going to be donated by Hailey Ordinance. Hailey was covering all the costs of tax stamp and setting up NFA Trust. I took my fingerprint cards to him and he had me fill out the ATF & Trust paperwork. We...
  14. foghorn918

    Laser Engraving by Hailey Ordinance.

    They're great except for the time I won a suppressor from them, got fingerprinted, filled out the paperwork, and then never heard from them again. Never answered my multiple emails either.
  15. foghorn918

    Mask Watch: report sightings here

    6A State Baseball Tournament this last week, standing room only and hardly a mask wearer in the place even though the sign at the gate said OSSA requires everyone to wear a mask to enter.
  16. foghorn918

    "colossal crash"

    police should have move their cars back into him every time he moved one of them when he was doing his back and forth and also moved more cars blocking him in. I knew watching it he was going to work his way out of that, they just seemed to let him.
  17. foghorn918

    Stick to it...

    I don't get the ones who put them on the painted surfaces that are not even the bumper
  18. foghorn918


    they should make him take a cognitive test
  19. foghorn918

    Atwoods in Yukon is open!

    Went looking for some .38spl range ammo, but no luck, but I did add to my .22lr stash by getting two bricks of Aguila Super Extra for about 6.6 cents per round before tax.
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