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  1. Hangfire

    Last Time You Fired A Shot

    Took the stainless SA Mil-Spec 1911 and fifty rounds of 45 ACP to the range early yesterday morning to ring the gongs......I'd have gone again this morning but I'm going to fire up the mower and weedeater in a few minutes for 2 1/2 hours of yard work before it gets hot. But.......
  2. Hangfire

    As if the Wuhan flu and murder hornets weren't enough.

    We've now got monkeypox to deal with......... https://www.deseret.com/2021/7/19/22583849/monkeypox-dallas-texas-case
  3. Hangfire

    Canning Flats (lids)

    Don't know about now but a few years ago when there was a shortage on canning jars, lids and rings Winco on 19th in Moore was the only place folks were finding them (Ball brand).........Winco is only ten miles or so from me and I wouldn't mine making the trip tomorrow morning if you're in a...
  4. Hangfire

    Spray on bedliners.

    No experience with any of the others but I had a Linex liner sprayed in my Silverado when I bought it new in 2002 and I've been very happy with it.........if I were to get another pickup I'd get another Linex liner.
  5. Hangfire

    Last Time You Fired A Shot

    Went to the range early this morning and ran 50 rounds of 45ACP through my Ruger SR1911 at the 25 yd. gongs........the 8" gong didn't stand a chance. :) Only thing I've always kinda disliked about the Ruger is that it flings the empty cases a country mile........probably a quick and easy fix...
  6. Hangfire

    Pic of shot foot........not for the squeamish.

    Not real smart on my part but in the field I'll admit to have rested my loaded rifle or shotgun muzzle down on my foot a few times........like me when I've done it this fella was probably absolutely 100% positive that his firearm had the safety on. Anybody remember the incident several years...
  7. Hangfire

    My saving grace...

    @Glock 'em down not knowing much about it or the pros and cons I'm not advocating it but have you considered gastric bypass or bariatric surgery ? The girlfriend of a gal I used to work with was around 200+ pounds overweight and had the surgery and from what I was told she lost a lot of...
  8. Hangfire

    Want To Buy 45-70 and 45 Colt Brass

    My 45 Colt brass is still available. Update........it'll be a week or two before he can actually pick it up but @cdschoonie has spoken for the brass via PM. https://www.okshooters.com/threads/fs-45-colt-brass.314745/
  9. Hangfire

    Kerosene shelf life ?

    Rummaging around yesterday I came across a 5 gal. can of kerosene out in the storage shed that I purchased for a kerosene heater and lanterns for deer camp........it doesn't seem to smell funny but it's been in the non-temp controlled shed for around 15+ years. Anybody know what the actual...
  10. Hangfire

    @swampratt.......the early years.

    Our buddy @swampratt pondering his first build.
  11. Hangfire


    Well darn, just going by the thread title I thought this was going to be about canned Spam (love me some fried Spam and eggs for breakfast and fried Spam and mustard sandwiches) but since it's not I've got nothing constructive to add to the thread.
  12. Hangfire

    Kemit Grafton - NRA Range Safety Officer - Mcloud, OK -31July

    @Fyrtwuck to be honest till you and one other person mentioned the position opening up to me it hadn't even crossed my mind. If ( very doubtful ) I do throw my name in the hat I'll probably need a good campaign manager.........wanna volunteer ? :)
  13. Hangfire

    Speaking of okra.

    She got to the farmers market early and saw only one older couple with about eight pounds or so........she got enough for two good sized meals for me and she said the fella right behind her bought all the rest, two customers and it was all gone. The gent selling the okra said pretty much what...
  14. Hangfire

    Speaking of okra.

    She's not overly fond of it but the wife went to Walmart, Target, Homeland and Sprouts yesterday to get me some fresh okra yesterday and there was none to be had at either of the four stores........I wonder what the deal is because normally this time of year all the stores have big piles of...
  15. Hangfire

    Fried Okra

    Love okra when it's breaded and fried fresh at home but don't like the prebreaded frozen stuff........can't handle slimy boiled okra at all.
  16. Hangfire

    Want To Buy Got it! - Want .22 WMR - can trade you .22lr

    Stopped by Atwood's on the way back from the P.O. earlier and they have Hornady V-Max 30 gr. for $14.99 + tax per fifty.
  17. Hangfire

    Mosquitoes on steroids ?

    Went to the range early this morning and I couldn't believe the size of some of the mosquitoes I was killing.......along with the normal size there were some that were at least twice or maybe even three times as big.
  18. Hangfire

    Kemit Grafton - NRA Range Safety Officer - Mcloud, OK -31July

    I've been a NRA Range Safety Officer for a several years.........do you offer CRSO training / certification ?
  19. Hangfire

    Kimber quality ?

    Mama and I went out for ice cream yesterday afternoon and she's been hinting around that she'd like another pair of sneakers (I swear sometimes I think I'm married to Imelda Marcos :) ) and the DSW shoe store just happened to be right next door to Academy so naturally I had to go in and check...
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