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  1. Profreedomokie

    The official future ex-wife thread.

    Dolly Pardon bug?
  2. Profreedomokie

    Women, can't live with em....can't live without em.

    Should this be under the future exwife section?
  3. Profreedomokie

    Oklahoma City AR10mags & AK47 mag

    What make of AR10 will your mags fit ?
  4. Profreedomokie

    How old were you when

    16 best I can remember.
  5. Profreedomokie

    Smart Car

    We have two of the Fiat 500s . If I don't drive like I usually do , I can get 41 mpg on the highway. My wife just got hers and hasn't driven it much . Mine has 55,000 miles on it and has been very dependable.
  6. Profreedomokie

    Zero Turn Mower

    I don't know what brands he carries but, the dealer in Dexter, Kansas has some real good prices. I know three people in Ponca that have bought from him.
  7. Profreedomokie

    The eye doctor said,

    This should be in the Bad Jokes thread for sure.
  8. Profreedomokie

    Oklahoma City Crimson trace grips for Taurus 85

    Do you need any certain brass or bullets?
  9. Profreedomokie

    Dragunovs and Ammo.

    You are 100% right. The AR-10 is the way to go for accuracy. I have an Armalite AR10T that has put three rounds in one hole at 100 yds. with me prone using a bipod.
  10. Profreedomokie

    Looking for three more fun loving people for dinner and drinks in Florida.

    Been there done that. Well at least the Everglades part.
  11. Profreedomokie

    The Hypocrisy of the Rich.

    The average family car puts out 4.6 metric ton of pollution a year. A space rocket launch puts out 300 metric tons of pollution in a day. Sir Richard Brandson and Jeff Bezo both just took joy rides into space . They probably make up for the damage they do by driving EV's and donating millions...
  12. Profreedomokie

    Sign of things to come?

    Wanna buy two?
  13. Profreedomokie

    Android app question?

    I have Unitron hearing aids. I've got a box on the tv that Blutooths to them or I can change a setting on my phone and play music to them. Phillips 666 bought them for me.
  14. Profreedomokie

    S&W 65

    That is nice. I wanted a Model 25 in .45acp for years but, when good ones starting fetching $1200 , I settled for a 625 for $650.
  15. Profreedomokie

    Pic of shot foot........not for the squeamish.

    Have a friend spread the rumor that you have a foot and a half . Then the ladies will be knocking on your door. lol
  16. Profreedomokie

    This should spur some good debate

    With Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis.
  17. Profreedomokie

    The Walther PPK Is Not Very Good - video review

    I've owned a PPK/S .380 and it is a fine weapon. My wife a a Sig .380 that is a very nice. I have a Sphinx .380 that I prefer to any .380. Too many so called experts on the web. I didn't waste my time watching the clip after reading all the comments.
  18. Profreedomokie

    Ah, Boomer Memories of a Once Grand America

    What is really sad about the country is no matter how bad the ethics of the masses are right now , the ethics of the so called leaders is even worse.
  19. Profreedomokie

    I need a new oil change spot

    I won't let Wal Mart change the tires on a little red wagon. I took wheels and tires to the one in Ponca City to have the tires changed . When they were done my one of my mags looked pretty beat up. I got on their case about it and they gave me a number to call . I called the number and ended up...
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