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Search Results

  1. chazroh

    Got to shoot in arizona

    this is the 920yd target that @adamsredlines speaks of
  2. chazroh

    Got to shoot in arizona

    It’s almost like you have inside info!!
  3. chazroh

    Got to shoot in arizona

    This was in the Scottsdale area. Cowtown range, it’s a member only range. But if your there, Ben Avery is a great place to stop by, I shot there a few years ago when out that way.
  4. chazroh

    Got to shoot in arizona

    Went out to arizona and was able to have a little range time.
  5. chazroh

    Want To Buy  243wssm

    I’m looking for a 243wssm bolt gun or ar upper. Prefer the Tulsa area.
  6. chazroh

    10mm loading

    Now we are helping you spend money!!
  7. chazroh

    10mm loading

    Your gonna show him how to spend a bunch of money!!
  8. chazroh

    10mm loading

    I’m looking forward to it. It’s handy that I already have a setup to load 40 that can be adjusted for 10! Now I just need some more brass
  9. chazroh

    10mm loading

    Got my press set up and am giving it a go for the gun I just bought. Got some loading info from an experienced fella here and got a few rounds loaded to test
  10. chazroh

    Anybody get anything cool that is gun-related today?

    never really wanted a 10mm, but this was too good looking to pass up!
  11. chazroh

    Shot Placement When Hog Hunting

    Gotta love it when all the stars align!
  12. chazroh

    Shot Placement When Hog Hunting

    Sweet action shot!
  13. chazroh

    Adventure Time

    enjoy your travels
  14. chazroh

    Ruger Rarehawk

    Me too
  15. chazroh

    Flir Repair Info

    Had one of our flir cams quit working, called them and they said send it in, they fixed it and didn’t charge for it!
  16. chazroh

    Cooking/Food thread

    cooked a tomahawk ribeye tonight, man, it was tasty!!
  17. chazroh

    Meme it up butter cup

  18. chazroh

    Cooking/Food thread

    quail and stuffed pork loin tonight
  19. chazroh

    Item Gone: FS Fnx 45

    This one is spf
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