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    Science Fiction Classics (Reading)

    You may have already ready these form Larry Niven, but Ringworld is great, part of Tales of Known Space. Inferno (kind of a modern day Dante's Inferno-really good)...also, The Man-Kzin Wars. Larry Niven/Jerry Pournelle great writing duo of you like Sci-Fi.
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    Failed ObamaCare co-ops have not repaid $1.2B in federal loans...

    insurance companies have contracts (your word: agreements) with providers period. large or small. for example, BCBS contracts w providers who wish to see BCBS patients that the provider will accept what they pay, which is typically a little more than MC. different specialties are reimbursed...
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    Anchor: ARs have "magic button" that turns them into Assault Rifles!

    i have looked my AR over many times, and i still cant find the bullet button...i wonder if greg jarrett can tell me where this magic is located?
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    Coffee Bean Question

    Awesome! Welcome to the 74017!!!
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    Coffee Bean Question

    Lol! Yep, I always get an awesome leaf ��!
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    Coffee Bean Question

    NikatKimber....I am a huge coffee snob. Trust me on this... Drive up to Tulsa, go to DoubleShot (18th/Boston), Have them make you a latte or pour over, or even an Americano. Enjoy the bliss that is magical ground brewed goodness. Then buy some of their beans (roasted on site every...
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    Odd sensations in thigh

    Front/side of thigh? Meralgia paresthetica Butt/beck of thigh? Think lumbar.
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    Flu Shot didn't work

    what evs....the end result is immunity. i too have heard it described as the vaccine giving you a mild case of the flu...it's not technically accurate tho. influenza is caused by a pathogenic virus that is actively replicating in the host. the shot could not replicate to cause disease in...
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    Flu Shot didn't work

    No, the proteins of the killed virus stimulate your immune system to make antibiodies that will protect you should the influenza virus infect you. Soonerfan, if your wife got the shot a month ago, and she seroconverted, then she would've been ok. there is a certain people that just may not...
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    Flu Shot didn't work

    Thread title should be amended: Flu shot didn't have time to work.
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    Vaccines and Autism

    Not one of those sources is from a reputable peer reviewed source. The website itself is laughable. If folks don't want to vaccinate, that's their prerogative. Just admit that you don't totally understand it and chose not to. Don't lay bogus articles shrouded in pseudoscience on us.
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    Vaccines and Autism

    That is the question now, isn't it? Sad thing is, anti-vax crowd has zero clue of the correct answer.
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    Vaccines and Autism

    Oh man....so tell me, where are you employed as an immunologist/virologist? What kind of warning labels did you *actually* read? Explain in detail the pharmacokinetics and nature of the immune response that these vaccines produce and why exactly (based on the warning labels you *actually*...
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    Vaccines and Autism

    No doubt....I have read about 4 pages of this and am kinda pissed I got sucked into the dumb.
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    Mystery visitors

    Monarch butterfly pupae
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    The White River in Arkansas

    Every year, a group of guys from my church float about 40 miles down the Buffalo and end up for the last 6 or 7 miles on the White. We camp on the gravel bars, pack in all of our provisions and never see another human until we dump out on the White river. It's glorious. Fishing all along the...
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    Awesome guitarist Gary Richrath (REO Speedwagon) is dead at 65...

    157 Riverside Avenue was one of his greats. He had his demons for sure. Do a Google search on him and see what he looked like over the past few years. Looks like a different person completely. His solos and his burst Les Paul were kinda what got me playing guitar when I was younger. REO...
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    GOP Debate

    Carson is probably the most well thought out, sincere, and most articulate on that stage.
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    Get bit by a rattlesnake, ouch. Go to the hospital, get bill, OUCH!

    Please refer to GMThunder's comment and try to understand the extreme differences in complexity and compliance in the human body and a hunk of steel before commenting further.
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    Get bit by a rattlesnake, ouch. Go to the hospital, get bill, OUCH!

    wow...that is an incredibly simplistic way to describe two things that aren't even related. nice try.
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