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  1. Shriner

    Different references, different data?

    You need to understand each company uses different TEST guns to build load data from which gives different data , Md 70 22", Md 776 18", Md 1 20" or universal block each gives different data ,how old the data is , as the companies mainly test the new sexy powders over the old powders if they...
  2. Shriner

    Lyman Spartan T Press??????

    I still use mine for the calibers I have in small lots ( 303 brit 221 fireball 762x 54 ) .
  3. Shriner

    2a outdoors ?

    I rarely go that far north if I don't really need something that Dongs would have, now that Jerrys is nearby
  4. Shriner

    2a outdoors ?

    well dilion needs to update its website
  5. Shriner

    2a outdoors ?

    Is 2a's reloading center open I went by last week and didn't see it in the main building and the strip center were it has been the windows were covered up door lock ,the only thing open was the pot shop
  6. Shriner

    Missouri Bullet Company came through.

    How long did it take to get ? From ordering and you got them , the last time I checked the site you were looking at 10 weeks to ship .
  7. Shriner

    Get your annealing done 2 times faster

    I went with Annel Rite last year ,cheap and ez
  8. Shriner

    Texas Precision Scopes

    Are these worth the money?
  9. Shriner

    M 1917 Eddystone , Md 1903a3 barrel wiggel ?

    Ok thanks, I think I may try to cork strips at the muzzle end cap to tighten the barrel. Any tips on torque setting for the action screws, I did 20 inch lb
  10. Shriner

    M 1917 Eddystone , Md 1903a3 barrel wiggel ?

    This is for the gray hair " Old Blot action Guys " ! How much wiggle should these two have with OEM stocks, am guessing both have a 1/8" or less side to side and up ,no down or should they be full bedded. The M1917 is a 1918 barrel , 1930a3 is an 8/43 flaming piss pot barrel .
  11. Shriner

    Lyman Spartan T Press??????

    yes since 1985
  12. Shriner

    Tumbling Shotgun Shells

    You don't ! different animal than brass cases
  13. Shriner

    Gun Value

    Bluebook of Guns ? High to LOW value based on condition
  14. Shriner

    Concerning Prices: What Did Ammo Prices Do After Obama? Is It Worse Now?

    Throw in the problems of Covid for the ammo companies .
  15. Shriner

    Rifle Rods

    I have them and you can stack guns tighter with them,you do need different rods for 17 cal mouse guns
  16. Shriner

    Anybody get anything cool that is gun-related today?

    I did pick up snap caps at the Tulsa gun show Saturday, prices were all over the place, some ammo near regular price some at $1 plus a round , Ar's $800 to $1400 a pop. One joker was selling critical defense 20 rd for $50
  17. Shriner

    gun clubs in oklahoma & the NRA

    A little off-topic but a few years ago when CMP opened the Alabama high tech range they hinted at doing an Okla range plus 4 more, any wore rumors about it ?
  18. Shriner

    Anyone use Make It Ring Targets?

    Shooting Steel Com
  19. Shriner

    Made it out to the range today

    The Harbor Freight case is a boat anchor 20lb+ , Academy's Pelican cases are lighter
  20. Shriner

    What are your oldest guns?

    Md 1917, 1903a3(1942 barrel) M1 carbine winchester (1944 barrel ), Mosin , Mk4#1,Md39
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