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  1. Podman


    I use Tempo dust. It gets the ants and other pests too.
  2. Podman

    Cell Phone Plans?

    I have Verizon unlimited with 15 gb. for $35 a month after loyalty discounts. At the time it beat ATT with 8gb.
  3. Podman

    357 Mag SJHP $1 a rd.

    I’m in Claremore. A little too far to drive and I don’t go to OKC hardly ever.
  4. Podman

    357 Mag SJHP $1 a rd.

    Since I sold my 357 pistol I have a box of 50 158 gr. Winchester jhp super x for $40.
  5. Podman

    First vehicle you learned to drive that had a stick shift?

    62 Vette. 4 speed. Lots of fun in that car.
  6. Podman

    Blocked Ap

    Yes I guess the update must have failed. I deleted the ap and reinstalled and it Works fine now. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Podman

    Blocked Ap

    When I try to use OpenSignal ap on my cell phone it won’t open any more. It used to work fine. I guess the phone companies don’t want you to compare their speeds etc. Anybody else having this problem?
  8. Podman

    Spam Text Messages

    I use Hiya for my blocker and it’s free and does a pretty good job.
  9. Podman

    Flu Shot ...

    I got my senior flu shot at CVS a couple of days ago. No problems with last year’s shot but this year’s shot was bad. Sore shoulder and next day a headache all day. Next day was ok though. Some year’s shot is painless and other year’s shot has after effects. I just hope for the best!
  10. Podman

    Do you have AAA and is it worth it?

    I have it. Never used it but nice to have just in case.
  11. Podman

    Wireless internet providers

    I’m using Verizon on my iPhone and a iPad which is tethered to my iPhone for Internet. It’s their $45 a month prepaid plan with 16 gig a month. Right now they Are giving almost unlimited because of the virus. However since the IPad has a Low data setting it’s plenty for me. I don’t have...
  12. Podman

    Linux Operating System

    I put Ubuntu on my laptop with Windows 10 and fixed it with dual boot. So when I start my laptop I choose which operating system I want to use. Also good way to compare the two. Ubuntu is the best all around if you don’t need some Windows specific software.
  13. Podman

    Hearing aid(s)

    I got Starkey hearing aids for $1800 a pair and they help but they are the first I have ever had so no way to compare them to others. And like the tech said they are just aids and don’t restore your hearing like when you were young.
  14. Podman

    I Never Thought It would Happen In The U.S.

    The democrats are the devil's advocates.
  15. Podman

    Cox......%@$#* !!

    I had problem with Cox and went to the Oklahoma Attorney Generals website to the consumer complaints office and got Cox to drop the penalty fee because they wouldn't honor a email ad they sent me to continue service with them. They promised a $50 gift card after a few months with them and then...
  16. Podman

    Cox......%@$#* !!

    If all this hype about 5G is true, cable is dead. The phone companies will have the devices for home internet and you won't need cable. Hopefully this will spur competition and we won't have the duopoly we have now.
  17. Podman

    EBAY has lost its damn mind

    Sometimes if you use Amazon and check the actual stores listed in the sidebar, they will sell the item with free shipping and no sales tax. Check the actual store in Ebay and they will sometimes do the same thing. Or Google the item and find a store with the lowest price and no tax and free...
  18. Podman

    DA/SA Pistols

    I like my Beretta Storm pistols. I have 9mm in both compact and full size. Generally carry the compact in the winter under coat. Full size for home use.
  19. Podman

    Help purchasing a lap top

    I'd get an Apple, if you want to spend the money for it. I think the operating system is better than Windows. Windows has so much junk with it. I have both but like the Apple better than the Windows laptop.
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