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Search Results

  1. AKmoose

    Want To Buy  AR 1/16 .22 barrel

    Looking for an AR barrel to make a dedicated .22 AR, 1/16 twist with preferably a .223 chamber for my conversion BCG. LMK if you have one you're wanting to part with. Thanks
  2. AKmoose

    Not For Squeamish - Spider got me

    Ouch! Sure that's not a .22 hole?
  3. AKmoose

    Decided it's time to sell some of my guns

    Good on keeping the RPR, just started doing the long distance with mine and it is addicting. I kinda know what your going through, just cant shoot all of them and keeping the faves, but not ready to cut loose with too many yet. Is the Henry a .357? My wife's been itching for one to go with her...
  4. AKmoose

    Flash holes

    I do it on the 6.5 Creedmoor for long range. See it as a comparison of the primer flash to what a bad crown does to a bullets path, does it help? not sure, but it sure doesn't hurt.
  5. AKmoose

    Looking for a special place to shoot.

    Should be able to get 1 off before they **** a brick! Just let us know when so we can watch.
  6. AKmoose

    How do you buy a cannon?

    The one he was shooting was about 4 Ft. tall, no special bottle, just exactly 1 cup of BP. Not sure of the exact range but if familiar with the Wyndotte shoot it went over the valley far up the opposing hillside, during ceasefire the 4 wheeler retrieved the ball, took 15 minutes to get it and...
  7. AKmoose

    How do you buy a cannon?

    Was at the FA shoot a few years back and a guy had a nitrogen cylinder cut in half launching 16 lb bowling balls about 1000 yards. Said the cylinders had to be 29" circumference to work right, used a cup of black powder and mounted a black powder lock to the bottom for ignition. That was a...
  8. AKmoose

    Oklahoma City  Czech 308

    480 rounds Czech .308. This is the description from AIM @ 12.95 a box. Primers are supposed to be hard, I've never shot any so can't testify one way or another. "Surplus Czech S&B .308 20rd Box 147grn FMJ20rd box. Made in the late 1970s at S&B for military contracts. This ammo is reported by...
  9. AKmoose

    Russian Ammo

    No stripper clips, that's in the 1120 round crate. These are loose in boxes with 1260 rounds per crate. Some people got crates with tracers in them, 7.62x39 tracers, don't see that much. Do the boxes have green stripes on them? It's not near as corrosive as the Chinese.
  10. AKmoose

    Russian Ammo

    Look like this? Yugo, good stuff.
  11. AKmoose

    Midway's carbines

    Not available for 4 1/2 days. Kinda high and not sure as original as they say because of adjustable sights and flip safeties. Did see some high wood stocks and type I bands though...
  12. AKmoose

    Old tools

    My uncle used those and a spoke shave to make his own arrows, so straight you'd swear a machine made them.
  13. AKmoose

    The Invincible Manurhin MR73 Revolver is Back in the USA

    Got this a few years back when Century had them, came without grips but S&W were close enough to modify to fit, Traush grips are available now I believe but pricey. Not as pretty as the commercial ones but it is built like a tank. I'd like to have a smith go through it, it looks similar to a...
  14. AKmoose

    ID snake?

    Good to know they take care of the bad snakes. I relocated him to the woods behind the house, less chance of getting picked up by an owl and he should find more to eat in there.
  15. AKmoose

    Item Gone: FT 38 SPL and 380 ammo for 22LR

    How much 22 for an even swap?
  16. AKmoose

    ID snake?

    What have I got here? Good or bad? No pointy head, so good?
  17. AKmoose

    China buying land in the US

    Heard something on the Shawnee radio station today about one of our OK reps bringing a bill up that would have to show where the money was coming from on property purchases, didn't get the whole story but sounded like it was addressing this.
  18. AKmoose

    Item Gone: FT 17 Design and Manufacturing Serual # requeat thres.

    Me either so I'm going to start getting it together, Mr. Bond 007 your number is probably still there, mine had my name on the box, not even close to 007. Very impressed with the folding mechanism, good job 17 Designs and a big thanks to SSP!
  19. AKmoose

    Item Gone: FT 17 Design and Manufacturing Serual # requeat thres.

    I can't find the post with the range of numbers so 007 or if they make it to 60, 65 or 85 on the folders since it I don't think 1776 will be available.
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