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  1. FullAuto

    First Thread!!! Post Up Your Rimfire Pics!!!!

    Winchester Thumb Trigger model
  2. FullAuto

    Got a lot going on, could use some life advice?

    I am a person that owns rental homes. I closed (bought) 3 more yesterday. That being said, you should sell your home. Don't make it into a rental. Without the proceeds from selling it, you really aren't in that great of a financial situation. I've seen way too many part-time landlords fail...
  3. FullAuto

    How often do you sharpen mower blades, and to what extent?

    I mow 1.5 acres with a 54" Hustler. I just buy new blades every year. They're cheap.
  4. FullAuto

    Wiper blade prices

    By the time wiper blades wear out, it's time to trade in for a new vehicle anyway.
  5. FullAuto

    Trailer Towing and a Blow Out

    2500... Hemi... towing... Just check the tires every two hours when you stop for fuel.
  6. FullAuto

    Buying shipping containers for storage.

    I paid $900 for a load of asphalt millings and the skid steer labor to build a pad for my 40' container and an additional section next to it to park two trailers on. Then I paid I think it was $3400 delivered for the container. I did this around 3-4 months ago. Delivery was an issue for many...
  7. FullAuto

    How many days?

    In this market, a house that has been on the market for 8-9 days or more just tells a perspective buyer a whole lot of people have seen it and it clearly has some kind of fatal flaw to not be under contract. The market is just too hot. Everything is receiving offers within hours. Most are...
  8. FullAuto

    How many days?

    I'm starting to think you don't actually want to sell the house.
  9. FullAuto

    How many days?

    I closed my personal house last month. I had a full price offer within 6 hours of listing and 4 offers over asking price within 48 hours. I went with the guy that put a condition in the contract to pay the difference if it didn't appraise for the amount. I don't know what it appraised for...
  10. FullAuto

    So when did this take effect?

    You have 300 posts in 7 years with 75% of those in the classifieds trying to sell stuff. Hello pot. Meet kettle.
  11. FullAuto

    OK Full Auto Shoot

    I met taking my own to shoot. I have 9 transferables and am getting fingerprint cards this week for number 10. I don't have access to land to really shoot on so we really only get to shoot them at H&H.
  12. FullAuto

    Jokes in really, REALLY bad taste ...

    What's one good thing about pedophiles? They slow down for school zones.
  13. FullAuto

    OK Full Auto Shoot

    Yea, a bunch of multi-millionaires that can afford the ammo. I'd like to take my son to see it all and some of my machineguns out there to shoot, but don't think I can replace the ammo. It's not even about the price but more the availability to just walk in and buy it.
  14. FullAuto


  15. FullAuto

    Firearms insurance.

    There is a difference in having a rider for firearms on your home or renter's insurance and having an actual Personal Articles Policy for the gun(s) themselves. Riders aren't nearly as good of coverage and typically subject to the deductible of your home/renter's policy. Basically, unless you...
  16. FullAuto

    Metal Building Contractors

    I need some help finding a contractor that would be willing for finish a project that a contractor walked off from. I have a partially completed 40x80. It needs minimal sheeting on the sides (just a small piece around 1 of the overhead doors and 1 corner) but needs the entire roof put on. I...
  17. FullAuto

    What are title 2 weapons

    Yes, but with a Form 1, you are building it. So you tell them your serial number on the form. It's no different than choosing your kid's name before it's born.
  18. FullAuto

    What are title 2 weapons

    Destructive devices are much cheaper than civilian legal machineguns.
  19. FullAuto

    What are title 2 weapons

    Except for the 2 pistols, these are title 2 weapons. No FFL/SOT required. These are all Form 4 transferables owned by me personally or my trust. The pic is also several years old as I've added a few more since then.
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