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    RugerSooner feedback ...

    Had a great deal with RugerSooner today. Early ... everything was better than advertised ... didn't realize the boo-lits weren't part of y'alls original deal until GC told me on the way to Bass Pro ... thank you and dinner is on me at the next Eat and Shoot ... join us anytime!! Thanks again!
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    Female Hunter creates outrage with trophy photos

    I met several trophy hunters when I worked for that local gun range. To the man (they were all men) they were just as proud of the contributions they made to the locals as they were the trophies they harvested.
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    Female Hunter creates outrage with trophy photos

    Fish On is not Sunshine. And she is not me. I've met her. She is a real person. Just so you know. And Hansen is right. She is not trolling.. I've sent her a PM and let her know where we've moved to ...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Okie4570 !!!

    Happy Birthday, my friend!! :)
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    Bit by a dog on my morning run

    Because PETA thinks we should let the animals do whatever they want, that's why ... :wink2:
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    Bit by a dog on my morning run

    I forgot to say ... you might as well call the doc and get in for some antibiotics. Dogs and cats have notoriously nasty bugs in their mouths ... I've been bitten several times over the years and know others who have also. Weird social circle, I know ... lol ... trust me, just do it.
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    Bit by a dog on my morning run

    People who humanize animals tend to not understand what kind of damage a pet can inflict on a human and how quickly they can do it. I walk my dogs every morning. They are leashed but if another animal comes charging us I'm gonna have no problem explaining to the DA or anyone else why I thought I...
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    Can we have a thread that unites us?

    That's true, but in OSA years we are all using walkers to get around ... ;) we are about to be solent green, friend ... :P
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    Open carry harassment...

    I'm bored ... and it was like shooting fish in a barrel ... just too damned easy to pass up ...:rotflmao:
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    Open carry harassment...

    Only GC ... :naughty: Lmao! I do not subscribe to that philosophy ...
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    Open carry harassment...

    Lmao! Typical newbie ... :kiss:
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    Open carry harassment...

    Hardly ... I see people open carrying nearly every time I go out. Nobody's showing off, nobody's grabbing their children and running screaming for the door ... in short, nobody's acting the ass or the fool. Too bad we don't have more of that and less of what you are spewing.
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    Night without kids where to go eat?

    I don't have any suggestions but I do hope you two have a wonderful time!
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    Help from the membership

    I've been to events put on by members of ARFCOM, OSA and OKF, as well as USPSA, IDPA and 3-gun groups over the years. NEVER have I ever heard of anyone wanting to exclude a group of shooters based on which website they frequent.
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    Is this thing on?

    :Heya: I've missed you!! :heart::kiss:
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    Open carry harassment...

    Jules, I'm on the Mother****er. :) I cannot address why or why not the other mods do what they do. Not my place. However, I will say it takes an awful lot to wind up on my radar. How it goes from here is strictly up to Mr. J there and no one else. I'd appreciate the rest of you guys not...
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    Open carry harassment...

    Knock it off.
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    Open carry harassment...

    This. Just not my thing.
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