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  1. K

    North East OK Smith & Wesson Model 586 (no dash)

    From 1981, is it a no-dash or -1??? If no-dash, has it had the fp bushing mod? Does SN have AAA prefix? Thanks
  2. K

    Item Gone: FS 762x39 Norinco yellow, silver, and green/white box ammo

    Do projos attract a magnet???
  3. K

    Item Gone: FS/FT Norinco sks

    I remember that bunch (rijas). Quite the entertainment when at a small local not-so-good gshow... Not to hijack but I'm interested to see if its the real deal.
  4. K

    Item Gone: FT .45 projectiles

    Did I miss it, but assuming LRN, not FMJ???
  5. K

    Item Gone: FS MagPul cheek riser for MOE/CTR

    WOW, I'll take it... PM sent.
  6. K

    Item Gone: FS 308 & 30-06 ammo

    Well shucks, I'm too late for the 308. Cant tell from pic but looks to be links for 1919 rather than M60, Mag 58, etc???
  7. K

    Item Gone: FS Gen 5 G17 slide w/Trijicon HD sight

    Assuming no barrel???
  8. K

    Item Gone: FS S&W 686

    Nice gun... What series, dash 4 or earlier I'm guessing??? Thanks
  9. K

    Item Gone: FS Ford New Holland 2120 compact tractor

    May I ask what are the leaks underneath on pavement from?
  10. K

    Item Gone: FS S&W 629 4in no dash

    Nice early 629. Any tools and documents included?
  11. K

    Item Gone: FS/FT 4x7 trailer

    Can see a glimpse of brake hub so thought probably from a donor vehicle. Rear axle from a front wheel drive works good for light trailers, especially if wanting to rig up brakes. They weren't for very heavy loads though. Yes, if you can take a pic(s) of underneath, mainly the frame and axle...
  12. K

    Item Gone: FS/FT 4x7 trailer

    Appears no suspension. What axle and lug bolt pattern does it have? Thanks
  13. K

    Item Gone: FS/FT 5x10 trailer with ramp

    Hole pattern, wheel/tire size, etc???
  14. K

    Item Gone: FS P38 mag

    Item Name: FS P38 mag Location: Tulsa Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $20 Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: 8 rd. Stamped Walther. VG condition. Post questions or PM number to text pics. Thanks
  15. K

    Joe Biden Claims U.S. ‘Obligation’ to Give Illegal Aliens Free Health Care

    This is about as stupid as ole "Buy a Shotgun Joe's" advice on armed self defense.
  16. K

    Item Gone: FS 100 rounds of steel cased 7.62x54r ammunition

    How are these packaged; loose, bulk, boxed, etc and can you send/post pic including headstamp and packaging if any??? Any idea if corrosive??? Thanks.
  17. K

    Item Gone: FS Glock G43

    Item Name: (SPF) FS Glock G43 Location: Tulsa, Stroud, Stillwater Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 450 OBO Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: BNIB... purchased since New Years, never loaded, never holstered. Can meet in Tulsa, Stillwater, Stroud areas. Brand...
  18. K

    Nothing Like I've Seen

    Maybe not rare but how many have you seen??? sorry if repost http://www.wdrb.com/story/39499323/ky-man-bags-rare-deer-with-decapitated-buck-head-entangled-in-antlers
  19. K

    Item Gone: FS Cannon Safari Safe

    Spec, Dimensions, weight???
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