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  1. Dale00

    china threatens to Nuke Japan

    The efforts of the Chinese communist party are failing in this regard.
  2. Dale00

    china threatens to Nuke Japan

    Most Chinese families have only one child: a son. They completely depend on this son for their support in old age and to continue the family name. If large numbers of sons are lost in war, the masses will turn on the communist party. Unless Taiwan caves and surrenders, large number of Chinese...
  3. Dale00

    china threatens to Nuke Japan

    The more internal problems China has, the more they threaten to attack Taiwan. Thanks to their old "one child policy" the masses will not tolerate a war in which the sole child in the family is lost. Chicom leadership appears to be stuck out on a limb.
  4. Dale00

    Lumber Prices Record Biggest Weekly Drop Ever

    I saw a truck loaded with lumber on the highway today...and there was no armed escort....so the price drop news must be true
  5. Dale00


    This has got to be another example of the wacky, polarized, dysfunctional false reality of the world as seen through the internet. The right and the left both thrive is this weird situation...far left actiivsts appear to have gotten a state question written that has zero chance of passing and...
  6. Dale00

    All in all, do Americans have an overall healthy and happy

    Your sense of humor is an excellent defense against that. Keep it up and your bubble will hold
  7. Dale00

    i saw a new bronco on the road today.

    Never buy the first year of a new vehicle.....too many mistakes in assembly and design
  8. Dale00

    Cuomo Declares ‘Gun Violence’ a Public Health Crisis

    Sounds like he's laying the foundation for a new lockdown.
  9. Dale00

    How has the buying power of working-class American individuals changed over 50 years?

    Cars and homes are not the same as they were in 1971. Homes are larger and have more ostentatious features (kitchen island, marble counter tops, hot tubs, showy entryways (McMansions) etc etc. Cars are now unibody with crash-engineered features and have much more electronics (back up cameras...
  10. Dale00

    Oh Dam!

    All of the above are real threats to earthen dams...pond owners often fail to understand then, watch for them and take corrective action. NRCS is your friend and can help with advice but pondowners first need to stay of top of things and keep their eyes open for trouble signs.
  11. Dale00

    drivers license stoopidity

    I assume it is so a super computer can detect "interresting" patterns...somelike like: 20 Saudi's are taking advanced flight training at the same time.....hmmm. The problem is that someone competent and motivated and respectful of our rights has to interpret and act on these weird patterns.
  12. Dale00

    Operation Warp Speed A TRAP for Democrats to EXTERMINATE themselves!

    My computer deemed the video unhealthy and refused to play it. Notified me that it was a corrupt video and my browser does not support that sort of thing.
  13. Dale00

    Red Light Shootout Chicago

  14. Dale00

    Wing of Miami-area condo collapses

    A critique of engineering inspection documents (2018). Likely problems: Corroding rebar in support columns, inadequate past repair of same, poor communication/word choices by engineering consultants, jackhammering on the roof for up to a month prior to the collapse
  15. Dale00

    What happened to the font?

    Is there a way to get rid of the glaring brightness?
  16. Dale00

    Wing of Miami-area condo collapses

    Failure to put safety ahead of profit.
  17. Dale00

    University of Oklahoma Faculty "How To Silence Conservatives."

    It is my prediction. Time will tell. I am encouraged whenever I see pushback...especially economic pushback. "Get woke, go broke" Private donations matter a lot to universities. Alumni donate because they found their experience there very worthwhile and assume today's students will experience...
  18. Dale00

    University of Oklahoma Faculty "How To Silence Conservatives."

    Reality will reassert itself. The media fluff and dysfunctonal lectures of leftist professors holds no water.
  19. Dale00

    Thank You.

    Very sorry for your loss. May you and your family be comforted with good memories of him.
  20. Dale00

    University of Oklahoma Faculty "How To Silence Conservatives."

    It's a kind of slow dry rot...not yet taking over everything. It appears that the undergraduates are subjected to it in some of their classes and in an orientation or two. How it plays out remains to be seen. Compromise and consensus are the vehicles being used by the Left. I predict that we...
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