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  1. WES

    $5,000 'TILL SHTF!

    m4 Ammo Armor Beef jerky
  2. WES

    Trade Jon Beanland cistom prrcision rifle build for motorcycle

    THIS RIFLE BUILD IS CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS AND SHOULD BE READY BY JUNE OR JULY. I had a change of mind and caught the bug for another bike. So I'm looking to see if there is any interest in doing a straight trade for my custom Jon Beanland build. It is paid for and will be complete this summer...
  3. WES

    WANT TO TRADE .22LR for M855

    Why do yall call them neckbeards? Are the Amish buying all your ammo?
  4. WES

    Feds Abandon M855 Ammo Ban

    Time will tell.
  5. WES

    Feds Abandon M855 Ammo Ban

    I see it as their taking it as a "soft loss" ). Instead of saying "YOU WIN MURRICA! KEEP YER GUNS"
  6. WES

    Feds Abandon M855 Ammo Ban

    ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Advisory Public Affairs Division – Washington, DC March 10, 2015 Contact: Public Affairs Division www.atf.gov NOTICE TO THOSE COMMENTING ON THE ARMOR PIERCING AMMUNITION EXEMPTION FRAMEWORK Thank you for your interest in...
  7. WES

    Glock 43?

    I can't wait to see all the glock 42's hit the classifieds now lol I'm not buying either gun. My rg19 is the only glock I'll own
  8. WES

    Beretta's new pistol!!

    Who designs these ugly guns...
  9. WES

    Z Nation

    I like it better than that gay ass walking dead series
  10. WES

    My AR dilemma

    Buy your ruger 556. Don't buy into the ********. 5.56 isn't going anywhere
  11. WES

    M855 cheap. Damn cheap.

    Still ain't paying $550 for 1000 rounds of 5.56..
  12. WES

    Are you a good person?

    It's not the Christians they're marketing to. They're investing for a return. But anyhow my point is there is no other belief being pushed as hard as Christianity in America. It is in our television, radio, podcasts, private and public schools, restaraunts, businesses, government & and even...
  13. WES

    Are you a good person?

    Atheist put quite abit a effort into it? LOL! You have Christian radio shows, television, sponsored private schools, etc..... Go ahead and redact your statement...
  14. WES

    Only YOU Can Protect Net Neutrality

    Our Internet was free fans unregulated to begin with... now the gov owns it... I wonder how it will fare out when a Republican controls office
  15. WES

    Stippling Job?

    Robar does grip texturing
  16. WES

    Why is everybody selling their Glocks?

    Mines at Robar. I couldn't find the perfect overall handgun, so I'm making it.
  17. WES

    M855 take 1 minute to send a fax to the ATF, your Senators and Representatives FREE

    You really think they're pulling the wool over your eyes? Ijust dont tgink theyre that wise to fool so many...they can barely avoid gov shutdowns. Was this an Alex Jones topic recently?
  18. WES

    M855 take 1 minute to send a fax to the ATF, your Senators and Representatives FREE

    First I've heard of it but that does not automatically allow one to assume it's a hoax. Why don't you write a letter explaining your interest in this to your representatives?
  19. WES

    M855 take 1 minute to send a fax to the ATF, your Senators and Representatives FREE

    Make your Senate and Reps priority. Then BATFE. A call to them is even better. But email is great too.
  20. WES

    Marine Corps first: Glock 19 approved for Special Operations personnel

    Invest in glock for a year or so...
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