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  1. emapples

    What is this I hear TAXES $$$XXXXX

    Hide and watch they have been doing this for a few decades, in many states they don’t want you owing significant land and are taxing people out of it and into the cities .....agenda 21 style
  2. emapples

    We need to support this site now

    I am already a lifetime supporter?
  3. emapples

    Garth Brooks...

    He’s hard left. Frankly all of his new music sucks, can’t stand it. First e albums were great though.
  4. emapples

    A-10 vs C-RAM.

    I though it was a test with tracers
  5. emapples

    A-10 vs C-RAM.

    Me thinks the A-10 wins this exchange
  6. emapples

    Firearms as investments

    After the confiscation starts......all of them
  7. emapples

    Impeachment proceedings

    I am going to leave everyone on OSA with two word, I am not saying we are at this point yet but I sincerely believe it’s coming. And if you don’t agree with these two words you do not belong here. Ready? DOMARI NOLO If this isn’t you , then block me today and save yourself some high blood...
  8. emapples

    Who has the most warning points?

    I am pretty sure I once held the record for warning points .....lol
  9. emapples

    NRA Bankruptcy

    They are moving to Texas from New York as well
  10. emapples

    Will you ever vote Republican Again or At All?

    No viable alternative for me
  11. emapples

    Posting Political (and other) Points of View - a Reminder

    Biden 2024! ....there we are covered. Cheers comrades
  12. emapples

    Beef Cattle Question

    Talk with @Cowcatcher ....but be sure to talk slow :laugh6:
  13. emapples

    The innocent man case

    That book was outstanding
  14. emapples

    Item Gone: FS .762x39 850 rounds

    Second if this deal falls through
  15. emapples

    Great love for 1960 era muscle cars engines.

    Lol, I know a guy in Wyoming that has a trailer full of 390 parts, 50 sets of heads you name it they have it an old semi trailer.
  16. emapples

    Find out where you stand to get the Covid vaccine if you want it.

    After reading about how the government is using viral vectors in mind control experiments, I think I am gong to pass on this one. Not mention the Obama era BRAIN Initiative ..... I have going to sit with tin foil hat and a beer (and maybe some weed) and just be dumbed down the regular way ....I...
  17. emapples

    Best Mexican Fast Food?

    Taco Casa has been a favorite for fast food for a decade
  18. emapples

    Rebuild vs Replace on a Ford 302

    Or a loose spark plug ......drove my old 86 4Runner with a tick for two years before I found it
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