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Search Results

  1. L

    What kind of tree is this??

    What he said.
  2. L

    Woke up to a mess

    Fire wood, anybody? I hope you Poulan chainsaw is up to the task.
  3. L

    200 Armed Riot Police Break Up Christian Church Service In Canada

    According with CNN,MSNBC NBC and many other fake news outlets that type of behavior is peacefully.
  4. L

    200 Armed Riot Police Break Up Christian Church Service In Canada

    I saw in the news that they have been burning and vandalizing churches all over Canada for quiet some time.
  5. L

    Some days!

    I always hide a key somewhere in the car. I had the same situation happen to me, learn my lesson and adjusted.
  6. L

    US Women’s Soccer Team Took Knee During Anthem Before Getting Spanked by Swedish Team 3-0

    I just don't get it you want to represent a Nation that you don't support. Oxymoron? Subway, has the mutant with the pink hair in their commercial. I have not purchase a subway lately nor I plan in purchasing one.
  7. L

    Well…… Gun buying is officially outta the question

    I waiting for deer deer season so I can fill my freezer. I looking kind of slim.
  8. L


    Cool, I have some and I can let go 1 pound. I'm located in the Lawton area. Let me know if you still in need of the powder.
  9. L


    Morparman, where are you located?
  10. L

    My new flagpole and flags

    How deep did you had to down?
  11. L

    Antlers - new or never dropped?

    Doesn't look like velvet. But I'm blind as Bat.
  12. L

    Cast netting

    This is good information....thanks
  13. L

    A few of my better wildlife photos

    Nice, good buck....
  14. L

    Won't ya be my neighbor..

    It won't be me, I can't afford to leave in the rich part of the country.
  15. L

    This Was On Breitbart Tonight

    I'm glad I don't have any of that JUNK...… Alexa go FYS.
  16. L

    Police Chases

    This is crazy. Why people do this is beyond me.
  17. L


    I bet he didn't give 2 sheet about the kid. He said that because is the right political thing to say.
  18. L

    Any one Kayak fishing?

    Thanks guys, I'm fishing out of perception pescador 12. But in thinking to dish the paddle and buy a pedal one. I have been looking at the hobie PA with the 360 drive. Any one here owns a hobie kayak?
  19. L

    Any one Kayak fishing?

    Any one like to kayak fishing? What kayak are using?
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