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  1. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Oklahoma City New Ruger MKIV 22/45 Lite upper in OD Green

    Ok I gotta ask. Did you buy this for a project or did you replace a factory one with some fancy Volquartsen upper?
  2. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Oklahoma City Glock box, accessories and a bunch of other stuff

    I see you finally cleared off the top of your dryer
  3. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Glock 45

    Wrong pic?
  4. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    17 Design billet uppers are finished

    Should be available everywhere in a few days. I'm looking forward to owning one!
  5. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Oklahoma City Glock 23 Gen 4 .40 cal

    Well, for one, that ain't a gen 4. Night sights? Box?
  6. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    I need a new oil change spot

    Apparently we've never met. There aren't a whole lot of cars I can comfortably fit under. On mine, it's a solid maybe that would definitely detract from the time I spend with my kids. The other cars around here, not so much. Too complicated. Plus, I've already spent too much time in my life with...
  7. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    I need a new oil change spot

    You know, if I knew I wouldn't fudge it up, I'd probably use my storm shelter for that
  8. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    I need a new oil change spot

    So I've been going to Kwik Kar in Yukon since like 2014. I was on a first name basis with everyone, including the owners, David, then Mark and Jamila. Mark and Jamila just sold shop, and now it's a Take 5. Two of the oil guys and the head mechanic stuck around, with Joe (the ASE mechanic I...
  9. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Oklahoma City FS FDE XDS 9mm & New Glock 45(9mm)

    I know it's a 100-to-1 shot, but is the G45 FDE too?
  10. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    1995 S10 Vortec V6

    This oughta be gone by dawn Are you sure that's a Vortec and not a TBI V6?
  11. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Rossi 92 - 45 colt

  12. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Sig Romeo 5 $109

    At this point it's only $30 more than a Bushnell TRS-25. Great price
  13. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Barrel “Clocking” Issues article by RevolverGuy

    https://revolverguy.com/barrel-clocking-issues/ I greatly enjoyed this article, even though 90% of it is out of my technical wheelhouse. Enjoy!
  14. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    The look of the new OSA…

    Can we get a vote as to whether ALL classifieds are default sorted to last message instead of first message?
  15. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    FS/FT S&W stainless model 642, 38 special

    Airweight is aluminum https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/model-642
  16. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Garage cleanout

    I'm either blind, or there was a typo lol
  17. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Garage cleanout

    I guess I'm gonna grab the Sonos, the headsets, the sock, and a quarter to a half of the 20g hulls.
  18. CutBaitNBlowSh*tUp4ALivin

    Garage cleanout

    But...what kind of rifle stock? When I was a kid I had a black PVC pipe taped to a generic rifle stock and that was our cowboys n Indians gun
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