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  1. p238shooter

    Women, can't live with em....can't live without em.

    If she wants to decide what you are going to use to do what you need to do, flip it around and tell her she can get anything she wants to do those jobs that need to be done and YOU will direct HER with with ever she picks out she would like to use to get them done. Otherwise, ---- Just...
  2. p238shooter

    How To Think Like a Texan

    My Grandmother was born in Texas, came across the red river in a covered wagon to Oklahoma, flew to CA one time on a 747 to visit one of her daughters, but she brought a lot of deep down Texas common sense with her and shared a lot of it with me as I was growing up that I paid attention to. I...
  3. p238shooter

    Meme it up butter cup

    Thanks for sharing, F-15's have been hard to replace by anything for a lot of years, had a very long production run because of that.. In the 70's I was out fishing with my ex-father in law on Keystone lake east of Tulsa and an F-16 came around the corner of Salt creek cove in a 90' bank and...
  4. p238shooter

    Supremes rule against NCAA, 9 to 0

    Like most everything in life, it seems it is also, "Follow the Money", Good, Bad, Ugly, Right, or Wrong.
  5. p238shooter

    My Smoked Bolonga

    Looks great, I seem to like a little more smoke all over than most pseople. I slice my chub in about 3/8 inch slices then lightly spread my fav BBQ sauce, then put on the smoker until it looks done. Usually 20-30 min turning once. It can be done on a low heat grill that way also with just...
  6. p238shooter

    Demonic' child throws 8-hour tantrum on Lufthansa flight

    I have heard Duct tape can have a lot of uses in emergancy situations. Most people can breath through their nose ya know.
  7. p238shooter

    Tomato cages?

    I made mine out of concrete renforcement wire about 20 years ago also. I cut the bottom rungs so just the spikes poked out and push them into the ground. Made them a little shorter but they stand up well.
  8. p238shooter

    Propane Smoker

    Might find most any kind of info on it by doing a search for "Smoke Hollow" on the https://www.smokingmeatforums.com website. Good luck with your smoking.
  9. p238shooter

    Fried Okra

    Stillwell frozen already breaded is a staple around my house, keep several bags in the freezer. I have a deep fat fryer of peanut oil on my deck always ready for fish I catch on a regular basis. After battering the fish (I use half Shawnee's Best self rising corn meal, half flower, ungodly...
  10. p238shooter

    Dream bikes

    I have had some nice bikes over the years, 59 years behind the handle bars. I was thinking my old 98 GoldWing has gotten a little heavy for me, so kinda thought about getting a trike similar to this, but found an older Jeep instead and think I will stay with it and sell the GoldWing. I still...
  11. p238shooter

    How to eradicate Grub worms from you yard

    Here are some ideas, https://www.poppyjuicelivingwellforless.com/2013/05/adding-trisodium-phospate-to-your.html which will direct you to https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001GOGQW/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0001GOGQW&linkCode=as2&tag=poppytipsoamp-20 Or I...
  12. p238shooter

    Pfizer shot can cure your "toxic masculinity" (via heart inflammation) LOL

    I guess anything is possible, but I stay pretty isolated living in the country and only visiting grocery stores every couple weeks, just in and out at low traffic times. I use the basket wipers, keep my hands off my face and spray my hands down with alcohol as I enter my car. In a way I do...
  13. p238shooter

    Pfizer shot can cure your "toxic masculinity" (via heart inflammation) LOL

    I took the first Pfizer shot in early February and am just now recovering. Within 24 hours, sick as a dog stiff sore muscles and joints all over, dizzy, no energy which hung on and on. Yep I was a healthy very active 73yo, but it knocked me down to feeling like an old man barely surviving...
  14. p238shooter

    Cell Phone Plans?

    First thing to do is find out who really has coverage at your house, then also coverage where you spend most of your time driving away on a regular basis. The "coverage maps" are not all that reliable at times. Best to invite family or friends over and see what kind of signals they are getting...
  15. p238shooter

    Not a word in the news about this / Executive Order April 15, 2021

    How a same Executive Order for China?
  16. p238shooter

    What Is It? Thread

    Ok, I am up for this just to know. I found this in the kitchen drawer after divorcing my ex wife. The large part is about 2in in diameter and the blades are tapered (not sharp) for turning both directions. I have tried internet searches and can not find another one. What cha think? I...
  17. p238shooter

    Charlie Brown, ZZ Top

    Hey, 73yo here. Raised a Daughter during the Snoopy years and he and his friends kinda grow on you. Have also been to many ZZ Concerts. This is about as cool as it can get for putting a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.
  18. p238shooter

    Conceal 1911?

    I carried my full sized 1911 daily with a Crossbreed SuperTuck for several years but the leather would get wet sweating and curl against my leg if it dried while sitting after a while. I switched to an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 4-5 years back and really love it and still looks new carrying daily...
  19. p238shooter

    boat weight/persons capacity question

    You might check with the manufacturer, they also change their ratings. My pontoon boat I purchased was used has a sticker with details of what boat it is on like most boats. Looking at it I noticed another sticker under it. That sticker had reduced values. I called the manufacturer and they...
  20. p238shooter


    Humm, wonder how chalk dust is different than the exhaust of coal fired power plants that we spent billions on filtering and many shut down. Seems we did too good of a job cleaning up our air. Similar to the panic of the ozone being destroyed in the atmosphere and then the panic that it closed...
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