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  1. retrieverman

    New Banks Feeder

    You should be ok. I think mine on my Boss Bucks dropped to 37 or 38” when I added the aftermarket timers, and I haven’t had any coon problems.
  2. retrieverman

    Beretta 1301 Tactical or a Benelli M4 or a Benelli M2

    I’ve had a M1 Super 90 ”tactical” for 20+/- years and like it really well. Given the choices, draw a number out of hat, because I don’t think you’ll regret buying any of the three. They’re all solid shotguns.
  3. retrieverman

    Gunman Stoned To Death

    Oh sh*t!!! Now they’re going to want to ban rocks… :rolleyes2
  4. retrieverman

    New Banks Feeder

    My neighbors use them. How much do the hold?
  5. retrieverman

    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    It was made clear early in this thread by a moderator that the members of OSA fully understands that concept, so there’s really no need to discuss it further.:rolleyes2 :rollingla
  6. retrieverman

    Women, can't live with em....can't live without em.

    This is my favorite tractor I’ve ever owned. It’s a 10+/- year old Kubota M7040, and in my opinion, it would be the absolute perfect tractor if it was 4 wd. I bought it second hand, and it was too good of a deal to pass up even without 4 wd.
  7. retrieverman

    Women, can't live with em....can't live without em.

    I’m not sure if you’re really looking for tractor advice, but since others have shared their opinions, I’ll share mine. I’ve owned quite a few tractors and still have 4 and a skid steer. My recommendation is to get at least a 40 hp, and like Mr Hoddy said, definitely buy a size bigger than you...
  8. retrieverman

    2021 Buck prospect list

    I had the same problem. There’s no season on cows, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. :anyone:
  9. retrieverman

    Spray on bedliners.

    I don’t know what brand it is, but the one in my 10 year old Ford has held up really well. From my understanding, one of the major factors in spray in bed liners is the application and if it’s applied thick or thin. The local guy that did mine evidently did a good job. :anyone:
  10. retrieverman

    How old were you when

    First time, 18, and last time, last night.
  11. retrieverman

    Deer supplement

    You’re right, but sadly, my feed bill is probably the cheapest part of my deer hunting. The note on my place, taxes, insurance, utilities, upkeep, and travel cost exponentially more than the feed. :anyone:
  12. retrieverman

    Odocoileus virginianus pic thread 2020/2021

    Heck of a buck!!! :thumb:
  13. retrieverman

    Deer supplement

    I feed corn all year and generally fill my protein feeders sometime in mid August. I try to find the cheapest “all stock” or dairy feed for my protein feeders, and I have a timer on them and try to make it work out to where I only feed a ton a month. When I used to feed free choice, the deer...
  14. retrieverman

    S&W 65

    I will be honest and say I paid more than I wanted to, but a brand new TT Gunleather holster was included in the deal. I know he paid $150 it, so it makes the price of the gun look much better. :anyone:
  15. retrieverman

    Why am I getting emails from OSA

    I sent mine to spam and unsubscribed.
  16. retrieverman

    BRCC coming to Moore

    My brother in law is a huge “fan” of Newsmax, but in my opinion, it’s the right wing version of CNN (but maybe without as much made up “news”). After reading the article (if there’s any truth to it), I’m even less impressed with the black rifle coffee folks. I can make a lot of Folgers for...
  17. retrieverman

    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    Yeah, but are they getting on message boards after every power outage to complain about generator prices?
  18. retrieverman

    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    I don’t know how long you’ve been on gun/shooting message boards, but I’ve been on them for about 20 years (this one since 2012). History tells me most won’t do a dang thing to prepare for the future.
  19. retrieverman

    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    Blame whoever you want, but the fact remains that a huge number of gun owners/hunters/shooters completely ignored what happened in past ammo “shortages“ specifically the one after Sandy Hook and did absolutely nothing to prepare after things normalized. I’ll make a prediction that everyone...
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