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Search Results

  1. kwaynem

    Does anybody else here...

    I fly one on my reloading shed I need to get a flag pole or build one
  2. kwaynem

    The official future ex-wife thread.

    Very close must see more pics to confirm
  3. kwaynem

    North East OK 100 .40 hornady xtp hp, 500 .380 auto clean brass

    Where in Oklahoma are you located
  4. kwaynem

    I need a few Pigeons for my new pups introduction to birds.

    Daughter and her husband raise them is why I was asking
  5. kwaynem

    Need pipe fitters

    Any pipe fitters needing a job? Send me a PM!
  6. kwaynem

    22lr a good get home rifle?

    Actually a couple weeks ago I was in owasso Walmart and the only ammo they had was 28 guage lol I had to look twice I guess what I was thinking more on was more of a survival situation as diggler pointed out it wouldn’t be a good choice if you had to fight to survive but if it was the only thing...
  7. kwaynem

    Hornady FL 22-250 dies

    Looking for hornady fl 22-250 dies I have a set of hornady 308win FL dies I would trade
  8. kwaynem

    22lr a good get home rifle?

    That’s what I would probably carry if I had one waited too long I guess
  9. kwaynem

    Street Legal UTVs coming to OK

    Probably safer than a motorcycle lol
  10. kwaynem

    22lr a good get home rifle?

    22lr and 17hmr are not the only rifles I own lol this was just started as a discussion on 22lr I’m pretty sure I’m aware of what it will be like if shtf lol
  11. kwaynem

    22lr a good get home rifle?

    If this happens it will be 90 percent cross country and would take about 15 hours to get home I understand what your saying but I was thinking if I had to eat along the way squirrel or other small game there would be nothing left to eat and the rifle and ammo would be lighter to carry I’m no...
  12. kwaynem

    22lr a good get home rifle?

    I have one already and your right I do love it
  13. kwaynem

    22lr a good get home rifle?

    I been recently thinking 17HMR
  14. kwaynem

    Super P'd off.

    I can’t remember what happened after that it was back in the late 80’s
  15. kwaynem

    Super P'd off.

    A friend of mine sprayed his backyard to kill the grass the wind was out of the south and the neighbors north for 3 houses lost their grass too lol he wasn’t invited to at block parties lol
  16. kwaynem

    Shooting time!

    Hope everything goes great on the doctor visits and you two have fun at the range
  17. kwaynem

    OSA Chit Chat Thread

    Went in to work this morning it was announced he got a promotion about 8:30am got a text to see him in his office and got a promotion myself 😁
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