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Search Results

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    Let's see them doggies!

    Bogart the English Mastiff. He’s a cute little guy.
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    What Would Yo Do?

    The process you have seen is not unusual, especially for large companies. You will have to jump through their hoops if you are interested in the job. It’s unlikely that anyone at the local branch will be able, or willing, to answer any questions, everything will be handled by central hr. If they...
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    What almost got you?

    You're welcome to call me a liar if you wish, but that's exactly the way it happened.
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    Modern .45 Pistol search

    If you can find one, take a look at a SAR K2 45. It’s a CZ 75 variant with 14 plus one capacity. I love mine.
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    Footlocker of Despair

    I thought this might be interesting to the reloaders on the forum. A friend found this old footlocker full of shot shells in a garage he was cleaning out. It had obviously been home to a termite colony for many years. After cleaning it out, I found that about a third of the shells are in useable...
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    Loading components

    I’d be interested to hear your opinion on the powder. Pricing on it is pretty attractive.
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    Powder coating lead

    You shouldn’t need to remove the gas checks. If the bullets are lubed you’ll need to remove the lube before you powder coat.
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    Bear Creek Customer Service Report

    I have mixed feelings about BCA. I bought an upper from them that was extemely undergassed. They issued a return label no questions asked, repaired it and had it back in in 10 days. I felt their customer service was excellent. It seems that their quality control is hit and miss.
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    ISO Remington Model 8 or 81

    I'm looking for a Remington Model 8 or 81 rifle. I'd prefer 300 Savage or 35 Remington, but will consider any caliber. Shooter grade is fine.
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    Item Gone: FS Remington 760 pump 30-06

    That's a beautiful rifle.
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    I hate reloading so so so so so much sometimes.

    I only laugh so hard because I've been through exactly the same thing. More than once I've sworn to go back to just buying ammo. Then the next panic hits and I feel like a genius again.
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    Item Gone: FS Multiple Gun Estate

    Do you have photos of the 99?
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    What almost got you?

    It happened on my checkout dive, first time out of the pool. My octopus got caught behind my tank, and my "buddy" swam off to play with his friend. I actually turned to the surface, and then heard a voice in my head say "Don't do that, you'll die." Then I saw my "buddy" swam to him and ripped...
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    What almost got you?

    My regulator failed while I was scuba diving and I learned the true meaning of the term “panic.”
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    processing wheel weight to ingots

    I don't bother sorting wheel weights before I melt them. Steel is no problem, it will float. Zinc can be more problematic. As you said, zinc melting point is a bit higher than lead. As long as you pay attention to you temperature and scoop the unmelted weights out before they sit for a while...
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    Item Gone: FS 300 Wetherby Mag

    Is it a Weatherby rifle?
  17. C


    Jerry's Outdoors in Tulsa had a good selection of powder this afternoon. Bullet selection looked good in everything except 308. Brass was pretty good as well.
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    Taking a knee?

    As much as I personally abhor the actions of those who take a knee during the playing of the national anthem, I believe it is their right to do so. If we wish to vigorously advocate for application of the plain meaning of the 2nd Amendment, we must also support the same for the other rights...
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    Good Customer Service Thread

    Rather sad that no one else has chimed in. As a rule, I’ve received good service from firearm and sporting equipment manufacturers. The following stand out in my mind: Dillon Precision Hornady Warne Leupold Ruger RCBS Lee Nosler Granted, many of these experiences were some time ago during...
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