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  1. Forgalspop

    Spray on bedliners.

    I had Line-X in Edmond spray a bed liner in my 2020 Chevy pickup and also the rear wheel wells. They did the rear wheel wells at no extra charge. Not sure that would be available for others. They did a great job and it turned out very neatly done. Looks great! Hope that helps!
  2. Forgalspop

    Why do we need cell phones

    Let me start off by saying I detest talking on the phone and always have. I prefer face to face communication and even a written letter to talking on the phone. However, at times I am grateful for cell phones. Before I retired I was in sales and traveled a great deal in a six and sometimes...
  3. Forgalspop

    Book recommendations

    Some of my favorite writers....... just to name a few. Not in any particular order. James Lee Burke - Dave Robicheaux series, etc. John Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath. East of Eden, Our Winter of Discontent, Of Mice and Men, etc Cormac McCarthy - All The Pretty Horses, The Crossing, Cities Of...
  4. Forgalspop

    Let's see them doggies!

    Gotta love those blue heelers. Here's a picture of my sweetheart as a puppy. She now 8 years old and the smartest and best dog I've ever had. She is my best friend
  5. Forgalspop

    A message for our times?

    Hopefully, this is the appropriate category for this posting. If not, excuse me! I have purchased a fair amount of reloading equipment from Titan Reloading and have always been pleased with their pricing and service. I am on their email mailing list and monthly they send out a newsletter...
  6. Forgalspop

    Holy Fricken Crap!

    Don't watch news and haven't for several years, nor do I have Netflix or any streaming service. Monies from those services end up supporting the liberal Hollywood elites and the liberal companies such as Amazon, etc. I prefer reading as entertainment and of course these OSA forums.
  7. Forgalspop

    Jokes in really, REALLY bad taste ...

    I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked me for a couple dollars for food. I took out my wallet and extracted ten dollars and asked the man, “If I give you this money will you use it to purchase beer instead of food?” He...
  8. Forgalspop


    The book I read by him was written many years ago. I own multiple caliber handguns and when I carry I have a Ruger LCR with38+P and a backup 9mm. Under my bed is a 12 gauge pump shotgun and in the bedside drawer is a 9mm. We have lived in the same house for 35 years and in a very safe rural type...
  9. Forgalspop


    Many years ago I read a book by Massad Ayoob touting a 12 gauge pump shotgun as the best home defense weapon and a .357 revolver chambered with .38 special +P 125 grain hollow points as the ultimate concealed carry handgun. I guess now he favors the .45? I like a revolver for concealed carry...
  10. Forgalspop

    Wished I had my dogs hearing

    Not only do dogs have good hearing.........they have good sniffers too. My gal Sadie was asleep under the table on our deck in New Mexico a couple weeks ago and all of a sudden she jumps up and runs over to the pickup and starts barking like crazy and running around the truck. She could not see...
  11. Forgalspop

    Grandson graduated up to a 9mm

    My 10 year old grandson (soon to be 11) and I just returned from our place in New Mexico, where we spent two weeks bonding and having special time together. He had been asking for just the two of us to go there for the past year or so. He had a long bucket list of things he wanted to do. One was...
  12. Forgalspop

    Dry pin tumbling ?

    Here is another take on cleaning brass. I have used this method since I started reloading 12 years ago and it has worked well for me. Before I started reloading I did a great deal of reading and research on how best to reload and how to do it the cheapest way possible. I had several goals in...
  13. Forgalspop

    Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen

    Ted Kaczynski may have had it right about technology..............only his methods were totally wrong in trying to warn people about the intrusiveness of technology in our lives.
  14. Forgalspop

    Meme it up butter cup

    And she can vote!
  15. Forgalspop

    Has the market sell off started?

    As Red Green would say, "If women don't find you hansom; they better find you handy!"
  16. Forgalspop

    Do the Day & Let The day Do You!

    Hope it was the best day of your life. We only have today. "Every day above ground is a good day.......some just a smidge better than others. Hope tomorrow is a great day for you. I'll bet it's a great day..............let the day do you!
  17. Forgalspop

    Do the Day & Let The day Do You!

    Don't know if this is the appropriate category, but what the heck! A quote from a Stephen King novel, " Do the day and let the day do you." When I'm at my place in New Mexico, I let the day do me and I do the day. Rented a backhoe from Home Depot, and re-working the 1/2 mile two-track to the...
  18. Forgalspop

    Item Gone: FS Nikon D-3100 18-55 & 55-200 Lenses

    Great price! I have the exact setup. If I would spend more time learning how to play with settings, the camera is capable of great pictures. When I take my time and adjust settings, it takes great pictures. I paid over $500.00 for mine several years ago. Will make someone a good camera at a very...
  19. Forgalspop

    Video: Why I am seriously considering NOT renewing my carry permit

    My brother and I had a conversation along this subject line. We agreed, that anything the left could deem subversive (any alphabet soup governmental agency) should only be sent via snail mail. All electronic mediums are being monitored and stored.
  20. Forgalspop

    'The Rifleman' star Johnny Crawford dead at 75

    Boy OH Boy, this makes me feel old. My brother and I used to watch Rifleman everyday after school. Good ole black and white TV. Time flies!
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