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Search Results

  1. D. Hargrove

    Is a 4x4 truck, jeep or 4x4 SUV a must for Ok deer hunting?

    A 4x4 is certainly not required. I have friends that just toss an 'ol cheap 4-wheeler into the bed of their 2wd truck and off they go...
  2. D. Hargrove

    Who Still Carries a J-Frame, Glock 43, or other Low-Cap Handgun?

    Carry a J Frame or a Ruger SP 101 with snake shot around the ranch, as well as my EDC for that day.
  3. D. Hargrove

    Looking for one night stand

  4. D. Hargrove

    Want To Buy .264 hunting projectiles

    I have 4 boxes, let me know if you need pictures..
  5. D. Hargrove

    Jumping on the No Classifieds for Non Contributing Members Train

    The entire situation reminds me of the Military. New guys are the Privates, Airmen, Seaman, Lts, Ensign and so on. Us 'ol regular folk are the Senior NCO's, Company Grade Officers, etc. The Admin "regular guys" are the SGMs, LTC kind of guys. Joel is the CG and owner is the Chairman Joint...
  6. D. Hargrove

    I am asking for prayers.

    Nah, she is online ordering fabric at Joann's. :blush:
  7. D. Hargrove

    Barrel sculpting

    Beautiful work as always Sir!!
  8. D. Hargrove

    Belly band for jogging?

    Yes, it will work just fine.
  9. D. Hargrove

    What Is Going On ,Too Much Anger On Here

    Ever since ACE left it has been all down hill..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. D. Hargrove

    Item Gone: FS/FT FS/FT

    Is it OBO? And if so can you please define your version of O.B.O please.
  11. D. Hargrove

    Now this What I call "Chickening Out"

    At least the headline did not read "Man stabbed to death by trained cock".
  12. D. Hargrove

    Tig welders

    Y'all saved me a bunch of research. thank you!!
  13. D. Hargrove

    thank you

    Thank ya!!
  14. D. Hargrove

    thank you

    Preparing to purchase a TIG machine and am looking for experiences of welders of all kinds, pro's, hobby shop guys, fabricators, anyone who uses TIG. Thanks!!
  15. D. Hargrove

    Buying heirloom firearms

    1956 Winchester 30/30, 'ol man gave it to me years ago, it will forever live in the house and eventually one of my sons will get it. Took it's first deer in New Mexico in 57 from as I have been told at least 25 times from 150 yards and uphill ..... The 'ol man passed Feb 28 of last year, now he...
  16. D. Hargrove

    How soon for rolling electrical blackouts in OK?

    https://poweroutage.us/ decent up to date map and details here.
  17. D. Hargrove

    How soon for rolling electrical blackouts in OK?

    We are on the second outage down here in Hulen. Why are we out of natural gas again?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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