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  1. chadh2o

    Spray on bedliners.

    Get the liner included in the truck deal. Typically if u hold out for 30 minutes, done.
  2. chadh2o

    Zero Turn Mower

    Finally bought a place with a large yard and shop. Need a mower. Looking for a 60" (I know, but time pays) or 54". Wanting a Ferris, bUT daymm. May have to suck it up and buy one new. Just putting this out there, never hurts to ask.
  3. chadh2o

    Marine In Afganistan Gets Dear John Letter

    That's a M.A.S.H. episode
  4. chadh2o

    Citori CXS 30" 12 ga

    That is a beaut! 30", don't need shells, just club them as the fly by.
  5. chadh2o


    Anyone click the link? I got one and laughed, but curious if she should be linked to the Dexter thread?
  6. chadh2o

    Have you ever tired to make hard boiled eggs, but...

    Watched a camping video today, the guy stuck the eggs on the edge of the fire. Came out pretty good.
  7. chadh2o

    Finally closed

    Today, I agreed to buy a house. Hope he doesn't back out, just a handshake. Now to sell my current residence. Fun times
  8. chadh2o

    Trolling Motor Suggestions

    Try Walmart online or the app. A friend wanted me to order him a 400k pool heater through my wholesaler, 8 week backorder. I searched Walmart app, bingo. From order to door, 8 days. Pool builder was shocked. His supplier was 12 weeks, lol.
  9. chadh2o

    The look of the new OSA…

    Anyway to bump up the font in the text boxes?
  10. chadh2o

    Any horror stories of experiences with a gun manufacturer?

    Beretta. Bought a Tikka from my vet. Mounted a new rail and scope, then noticed it wouldn't go into full battery. Called, emailed, even gave them hell on the @Tikka twitter. No response cept the canned email. Midwest gun works for the same issue. Nada. Granted it was last summer, but...
  11. chadh2o

    It's So Hot Out There ...

    I'll be behind u by 3 weeks
  12. chadh2o

    McAfee suicided - in Spanish jail

  13. chadh2o

    Jeep people

    Most of the jacked up rigs never touch dirt. Mall crawlers we call them. I would see real jeepers get upset at "those" people, but I'm thankful they buy jeeps. If it wasn't for the grocery getting crowd buying the jewelry for their jeeps, the innovation in extras would be 10% of what's out there.
  14. chadh2o

    Jeep people

    Luv mine. Top goes down when 40* and doesn't go back up til 40*, other than rain. Good sun, getting that vit D.
  15. chadh2o

    Going rate for steel scrap

    Don't fall in while it's removed!
  16. chadh2o

    Why are commodities crashing?

    Euro weakened driving the dollar up. Me thinks the metals smash has something to do with Basel 3 happening in 2 weeks. Banks trying to clear out their leverage in the unalocated metals market. https://tomluongo.me/2021/05/23/basel-iii-and-the-new-role-for-gold/
  17. chadh2o

    Snakes on the range !!

    They were lucky it was you and not me. I would have hunted a shovel from the shed and ended their butts. BTW, I didn't receive the email.
  18. chadh2o

    2021 Garden thread..

    The diatamaceous seems to have cut the population by 50% or better in 24 hours. I hit them again tonight. Tomorrow morning the sprinklers will come on for the first time. Hopefully that will help also.
  19. chadh2o

    2021 Garden thread..

    I have aphids on the maters. Arrrg. Soap solution is not working. Tonight I applied diatomaceous earth. Any more ideas other than leaf by leaf scaping the little buggers off.
  20. chadh2o

    Want to know what's headed our way

    Canadian gun laws suck! This is eye opening, understatement. Fast forward 5 minutes to skip intro. The meat is the last half. I'll be donating to any group that supports the US Constitution. GOA NRA OK2A Judicial Watch Name more. Even $5 helps the cause. Box of ammo equivalent per group...
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