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    Item Gone: FS/FT FS 300BLK AR PISTOL

    What kind of trades?
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    Item Gone: FS 9 mm Winchester JHP and Monarch .223 100 rd. boxes

    Damn I was in fort smith yesterday or I would have got all of the .223 from you.
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    Wtb .300 blackout super

    Looking for some super sonic. Hornady black Barnes black tip etc let me know what you have.
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    Item Gone: FS/FT Ati gsg 1911-22

    Sale pending.
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    Item Gone: FS/FT Ati gsg 1911-22

    Replied. The update I added was to include in the description about the box and paperwork etc I had forgot to put that in it. another edit I have no clue in the world why it says $600 sorry for that.
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    Official Pay it Forward exchange

    Does the collar look like it will fit a big neck?
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    Official Pay it Forward exchange

    Have you ever used it? Was wondering if it would work on my dog. He is around 90 pounds and almost 9 months old.
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    Item Gone: FS/FT Ati gsg 1911-22

    Item Name: FS/FT Ati gsg 1911-22 Location: Durant Zip Code: 74701 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 250 Trade Value or Items Looking For: Would like to trade towards an Ar-22 Caliber: .22lr Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Item Name: FS/FT ATI GSG...
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    Gators wintering in Oklahoma.

    The signs are still up at the lake saying the are there. My stepmom is an officer manager at one of the marinas, but we have never seen one.
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    Looking for an ar 15 5.56/223 for a cheap/decent price. Not looking to low ball or anything. By cheap I mean a cheaper brand to decent brand. Flat top preferably if it has optic even better. If you have any kind your looking to sell pm or message here. I’m located in se ok, but will travel to...
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    Gun shops

    March 27-28th
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    Gun shops

    I am Choctaw and work for Choctaw. Lol. It still isn’t very good. I am proud of my heritage don’t get me wrong, but they have some retarded gun rules on property. I haven’t went to every one, but I’ve been to enough where it was all the same over and over.
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    Gun shops

    Gun shows around here are mostly crap. 95/100 tables is ridiculous price or selling secret family recipe foods. Thank y’all for some options I appreciate it!
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    Gun shops

    Living in the se ok there is not much shops around. I’m about to be in the market for a nice ar. Is there any shops around okc/Tulsa that have a bunch of inventory where I get decent prices and selection? Just googling I may not find as much info and you all. Any help appreciated.
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    Leap year - every four years?

    Well said brother! Love the long day light hours it should be standard.
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    Any experience with lantac?

    Thank you everyone who replied. Also thank you cutbait for the backstory. Their Facebook matches the story. I called to check and see and got a hold of a lady. She was not like that and extremely knowledgeable about their parts while being super friendly. She is the reason I went ahead and...
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    Any experience with lantac?

    https://www.lantac-usa.com/product-page/enhanced-full-auto-bcg-223-556 Has anyone had any experience with these? Thinking about getting one. Never changed any bcg either so for the stupid question will it drop right in if I was to switch out?
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    Not sure where this goes

    Please delete
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    The official future ex-wife thread.

    This right here...
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