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Search Results

  1. AirMech74

    AMC Stock Movement on the NYSE

  2. AirMech74

    A moment of silence please.

    Eaten there a few times over the years, wife and i liked it, friendly service....i always heard they actually had really good fried chicken as well.
  3. AirMech74

    Random stuff you have made

    The most recent helmet I made
  4. AirMech74

    Want To Buy Men's bike

    Yeah, i purchased a Felt cruiser from them over 5 yrs ago, and reluctantly sold it when wife got pregnant...well, daughter is 3 now, loves riding her bike, bought momma one....now i need one..lol NOBODY has any bikes...was just looking for a decent inexpensive cruiser to ride in the hood.
  5. AirMech74

    Want To Buy  Men's bike

    Looking for a decent men's beach cruiser style bike...like to keep it under $400 Thanks
  6. AirMech74

    Blackstone griddle....any suggestions?

    Between my Blackstone and Pit Boss...we hardly ever cook inside on the weekends
  7. AirMech74

    Mask's for Coronavirus

    I opted for a face shield :thumbup3:
  8. AirMech74

    3D Printer

    Mine will be here today....I'm a lil excited Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  9. AirMech74

    3D Printer

    Reviving this thread....anybody still printing? I just bought my first printer.
  10. AirMech74

    Altama Maritime boots/shoes

    Well, after 3 solid days of wearing them, I'm giving them 2 thumbs up...with the Dr Scholls inserts, they are pretty damn comfy....hell, i even wore them to a wedding on Sat night..lol
  11. AirMech74

    Anyone know what these are?

    my wife has a few of those on a wall with small plants in them
  12. AirMech74

    Some asked for me to make it public....

    Oh nice...I live right there next to it, in the Legacy...does your daughter take art at southmoore?...my wife is one of the art teachers there...advanced 2D and a 3D. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  13. AirMech74

    Some asked for me to make it public....

    Awesome...if you don't mind me asking, what school are you at?...my wife is at Southmoore High school
  14. AirMech74

    Some asked for me to make it public....

    Cooljeff, I applaud you man..my wife is a teacher in Moore as well...so is the Paypal thing a good way to contribute?
  15. AirMech74

    Altama Maritime boots/shoes

    I am totally digging these...I pulled the rubber insoles out and put in some of my own with arch support...wow....very nice....lightweight, I wear 11, and these fit perfect...I ordered 11 wide but got regular...vut they fit great, so I'm not gonna worry. I'll come back in a few days and update...
  16. AirMech74

    Altama Maritime boots/shoes

    Will do
  17. AirMech74

    Altama Maritime boots/shoes

    I've read nothing but good reviews on these as an everyday casual shoe...as well has a range shoe. I was able to score a pair in the black multicam...should be here today.
  18. AirMech74

    Item Gone: FS Powder Coating System

    bump it
  19. AirMech74

    Item Gone: FS Powder Coating System

    Bump it...make me an offer
  20. AirMech74

    Altama Maritime boots/shoes

    Anybody know of anyplace in the OKC metro area that carries the Altama Maritime assault boot? I know for a fact that Special Ops Uniforms does not.
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