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    2007 Chevy issues

    Has he connected a mechanical gauge to verify that the pressure is actually low? That would be my first step.
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    Sand Plums

    Looks like you need to put a tracker on @HoLeChit, lol.
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    US Women’s Soccer Team Took Knee During Anthem Before Getting Spanked by Swedish Team 3-0

    That's better than during the anthem. It looks like they quit kneeling during the anthem around Feb/21? Too little too late for me. I won't spend a second of my time watching them.
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    US Women’s Soccer Team Took Knee During Anthem Before Getting Spanked by Swedish Team 3-0

    Same. It was part sports but mostly about national pride and patriotism. A US Olympic team kneeling during the anthem is disgusting on another level for me. Plus, how stupid do we look to the world? The team the US sends to represent us in the Games, kneels during it's anthem in protest. What a...
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    It's now a good snake.
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    Sand Plums

    Where's is at, I'll go check it for ya.. I'm hoping my parents can get some made this year. Last couple years their thickets haven't done much. Edit - and then I'll start paying more attention to posting dates, lol.
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    All you fans of Black Rifle Coffee may want to read this.

    I agree. In the 'old' days company marketing would avoid anything political, generally. Now it's the lead. I guess they do generate a lot of talk with it, but also a lot of boycotting.
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    SHAPIRO: Transgender Parent Tries To Breastfeed Child in BIZARRE Viral Video

    How many years ago do you think that the producer on a show would have axed the spot when they found out the biological man was nursing a baby? I think it would have been referred as a mental health issue maybe 8 years ago. Today it's held out as a 'normal' family. Raising a perfectly...
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    SHAPIRO: Transgender Parent Tries To Breastfeed Child in BIZARRE Viral Video

    I watched the video and once again am shocked at the level of idiocy that exists. What's even more amazing to me is the velocity of the change. Very few years ago this would have generated a laugh with 99% of the population. I still think a big majority have to view this as ridiculous, but a...
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    My saving grace...

    Maybe I misread, but I thought they said low fat and carbs is what they were doing. That would be rougher than keto. Not much left if you cut fat and carbs.
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    Why do we need cell phones

    My parents recently received a new flip phone from ATT to replace their old 3G only version. It basically looked the same as the old one, so they're still out there.
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    Got a lot going on, could use some life advice?

    Probates can drag on forever even on seemingly simple estates. Especially if you have an attorney that's looking for ways to bill vs ways to finish it. Assuming you don't have heirs fighting, you can sell the real estate before the final decree. The sale would have to be approved by the court...
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    Most Covid Deaths In The UK Are Now The Vaccinated

    Has anyone read that and not thought, wtf?
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    I need a new oil change spot

    Could be. Apples to apples it may be a little cheaper. I think I spent about $50 on 7 qts of Mobil 1 and filter last time. I see oil changes advertised for less, but probably house brand oil.
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    I need a new oil change spot

    This is the primary reason I do my own. It's probably not cheaper, but I know what was done and that it was done right.
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    Horns down no more lol

    I thought upside down horns meant "Super great effort there Texas player, better luck next time!" Is that not it?
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    My saving grace...

    I' I've tested this over the last 6 months and can confirm that my genetics has definitely caused a weight gain.
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    Related to GED's keto post

    This is one those good typos. Maybe get someone that will come over and kick your a** if you haven't lost 2 lbs? lol
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    My saving grace...

    Low fat and low carb seems pretty brutal. Is that not basically vegan?
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    My saving grace...

    Good luck with it. I've had good luck losing weight on keto. I've also noticed that my knees feel better pretty quickly, I guess due to inflammation. Hang in there.
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