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  1. Shinneryfarmer

    The official future ex-wife thread.

    Those are goose bumps, her derriere is cold.
  2. Shinneryfarmer

    Smart Car

    I don't care if my gas guzzler gets 4mpg, and believe me I had one that did, I'am not getting into one of those things for nothing. Dumb Car is what it looks like to me. Wish I still had that 4 mpg gas guzzler, it never put me walking and would go or pull damn near anything. Put a loaded 32ft...
  3. Shinneryfarmer

    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    Why do you think ya'll want no part of the SEC?
  4. Shinneryfarmer

    Meme it up butter cup

    This is why you never jump out of a perfectly good airplane.
  5. Shinneryfarmer

    B5 AR parts

    I have always used the Magpul ACS stocks and really liked them for the cheek weld. But the last 4 I built the Magpul ACS were no where to be found so I ordered B5 Bravo. The B5's do fit tighter now I'm torn on which way to go in the future. There good stocks in my opinion for its worth.
  6. Shinneryfarmer

    Some days!

    Sorry Rick, But man I can relate have had those days myself. Have had days that after the first hour of work you would be better off to just go home and start over tommorrow. Those days do not seem to ever get better only worse as the day progresses. Oh Well tommorrow is a new day and hopefully...
  7. Shinneryfarmer


    Like I said I usually relocate them but I wasn't climbing the tree to get it out and it had got its last egg. I' ve got a daughter like yours although alot older know. She is not scared of much, I'm glad there is more like her out there. Enjoy your time with them now they grow up so fast.
  8. Shinneryfarmer


    I usually don't like killing snakes but I have had 3 this week in the hen house. Two I relocated but today I had enough so this one had to go after the second day in a row no eggs. So I get to looking and it is hiding in the tree that has limbs hanging over the hen house. Had the same thing...
  9. Shinneryfarmer

    Wife Buys Me a Couple Knives!!

    Was out in New Mexico for a few days. The wife and I was checking out some local shops across from where we were staying. I left, went back to start cooking some supper on the grill and she was still shopping ( I know wrong thing to do) for a bit. After supper she presented me with these...
  10. Shinneryfarmer

    Meme it up butter cup

    How true that is! Especially in the deep south.
  11. Shinneryfarmer

    Pic of shot foot........not for the squeamish.

    I have seen it done many times in the field and have told them that it's not a good practice if they want to keep both feet. Another one that can be dangerous and get a foot shot off is cradling a gun with the muzzle down toward your feet while wearing a knife or some other accessory on the same...
  12. Shinneryfarmer

    Pic of shot foot........not for the squeamish.

    Ouch! That looks like it could have hurt just a little. Naaaah, I will walk it off.
  13. Shinneryfarmer

    drivers license stoopidity

    The K endorsement is CDL for Intrastate only you don't cross state line or leave Oklahoma. Don't ask why they can not do this but tag agent said that one can only be done at DPS.
  14. Shinneryfarmer

    U.S. Court of Appeals 4th Circuit Ruling on handgun purchases

    Tried posting a link but could not get it to post. The 4th Circuit of Appeals makes ruling on handgun purchases for under 21yrs of age.
  15. Shinneryfarmer


    Just reported one as spam
  16. Shinneryfarmer

    How often do you sharpen mower blades, and to what extent?

    I have sandy soil and few bare spots so it dulls the blades pretty quick. Also mowing about 3 acres, sharpen blades every other time and replace at beginning of each mowing season. Sand basically sandblast them and eats the lift off them before the actual edge is wore out.
  17. Shinneryfarmer

    I think we can post videos now

    Can hear can not see.
  18. Shinneryfarmer

    Home AC quit - capacitor???

    If the power is still on and you switched to fan from auto the inside fan should come on even if there is a issue with outside unit. Sounds like to me you need to verify you have 24volts at thermostat. You could have a bad transformer in inside unit or a break ( mouse chewed into) in your...
  19. Shinneryfarmer


    Welcome to OSA! Lots of experience and knowledge here if ya need it. Sometimes may be with a bit of sarcasm but really great guys here on the site. Boots required sometimes cause it can get deep.
  20. Shinneryfarmer

    What almost got you?

    :laugh6: Not laughing at you Gurl but laughing with you. I truly hope your getting better with each passing day.
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