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  1. skyhawk1

    Beautiful plumeria flowers

    So far the other tree shows no sign of blooms, were they both the same color? Thanks again!
  2. skyhawk1

    Beautiful plumeria flowers

    Thanks to amcardon for giving me these trees last fall (now I know why!) Just now getting some blooms
  3. skyhawk1

    Smart Car

  4. skyhawk1

    Smart Car

    Employee of mine had one in good shape but batteries were going bad. Batteries cost more than what car was worth
  5. skyhawk1

    Marine In Afganistan Gets Dear John Letter

    Yep I saw that MASH episode!
  6. skyhawk1

    Thinking about moving again .

    our daughter packed up and moved to Portugal and loves it. Been there since January,
  7. skyhawk1

    1884 Springfield 45/70 $500

    didn't get it
  8. skyhawk1

    1884 Springfield 45/70 $500

    I have had this rifle several years and never shot it, Think it may need firing pin work. VG bore has had stock repair at wrist. Would make a good restoration for somebody that likes to shoot blackpowder.
  9. skyhawk1

    Decided it's time to sell some of my guns

    Kinda in the same situation as steelfingers, hopefully not as serious. I will be listing some as I can dig them out and take pics. Praying for you steelfingers
  10. skyhawk1

    Greetings From Push County

    Howdy. Used to go to Clayton a lot when folks were alive, brother still has a place down there on the river but not sure what the sister-in-law is going to do with it since he passed in May.
  11. skyhawk1

    My Smoked Bolonga

    I will NEVER eat bologna again! Too much of it when I was little. I did buy some to smoke for the wife when I did ribs Sunday and then forgot about it, still in fridge.
  12. skyhawk1

    Opinion on drones?

    All airspace above ground level is regulated by the FAA and ONLY the FAA. That includes 3 feet above the ground in your own back yard. It also includes all of the airspace above your neighbors land. Cities and other governing bodies CAN make laws restricting take-off and landing areas. That is...
  13. skyhawk1

    Buying shipping containers for storage.

    I agree with Okbassin they get REAL hot inside in summer. I put a turbine on mine but still don't have enough vents and I leave the door open but with chain on it. Just don't store anything the heat will get to.
  14. skyhawk1

    Trip down Memory Lane: Academy's best hits of 2018/2019

    Probably not many of you remember when Academy was called Academy Surplus. In the 80's it was actually a surplus store , Army etc. Don't think there was one here at that time. I used to go to one in Austin back in '85-'86 when I was there building a TV station. Had new items but a lot of...
  15. skyhawk1

    Still buying Nike or do you even care?

    I don't buy nike or levis. Both anti gun/@nd amendment
  16. skyhawk1

    How do you buy a cannon?

    I think as long as blackpowder it would not have to be registered but I'm not an expert. I have a couple small ones, 50 & 69 cal if I remember right but not anything big although I would like to have an 8 pounder!
  17. skyhawk1

    Is this a bullet hole and damage?

    Heck my brother and I did that and tried to catch them and did quite often. we used arrows that tip had been damaged etc. and would put a 38 special case on the arrow
  18. skyhawk1

    Anyone have any interest in a dedicated rimfire range?

    I might be interested depending on same reasons everybody else has mentioned
  19. skyhawk1

    Oklahoma City FS/FT Mini mill for gunsmithing

    What are you looking for as trade?
  20. skyhawk1

    What would you do with this .38 Special ammo?

    Yea I have one like that, doesn't work well on wadcutters for me, I always put a slight crimp on the case.
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