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  1. harley128

    Giving GunBroker A Try

    1. Make sure you understand how much the fees are. 2. Make sure you add enough to cover freight, or charge actual. 3. Make sure you know whether or not to collect sales tax. 4. Make sure to only accept cashier check, or postal money order. Let either of them clear for several days before...
  2. harley128

    Oklahoma City Xd 40 4” Unfired, with extras.

    I"m assuming there's a pile of ammo to go with this....... How many rounds ?
  3. harley128

    New in wrapperSig Romeo Zero $100

    All three sold pending pickup
  4. harley128

    New in wrapperSig Romeo Zero $100

    GOT ONE LEFT ! !
  5. harley128

    New in wrapperSig Romeo Zero $100

    3 MOA
  6. harley128

    New in wrapperSig Romeo Zero $100

    One gone. Two left. Better hurry!
  7. harley128

    New in wrapperSig Romeo Zero $100

    New Romeo Zero for $100. I;m in Edmond area Monday and Tuesday of this week.. Danforth and Santa. Fe area of Edmond Text me at 918-618-3304 Left over from a larger optic buy. Brand new, not a thing wrong with them. I have 3 …..
  8. harley128

    Home AC quit - capacitor???

    I'm thinking a qualified service technician is going to be your best (and safest) bet.
  9. harley128


  10. harley128

    Wayne Newton's Plane at his house in Vegas on aerial maps

    I think Mr Las Vegas lost this home in a legal battle..... It was a tourist attraction / rental for awhile,,,,,,,,,complete with the Fokker F28 and terminal for "entertaining" guests........... It's for sale now with a price tag of a mere $29 million......... includes the mothballed jet.
  11. harley128

    Adventure Time

    Sound like a great plan Charlie. Keep us posted on your journey and we'll travel along with ya............
  12. harley128

    Are Americans working longer and harder today for the same level of overall material wealth?

    I think your analysis has merit. One thing to thing about though is to compare the average mileage life span of that 1981 Corolla with the average mileage lifespan of the 2021 Corolla............. Also, interesting to see the mpg difference between the two also. But, I can't disagree with...
  13. harley128

    South East OK Browning Black Label-1911 .380

    Location might help sell it.
  14. harley128

    Did a little trip to Vegas recently

    Very nice........... Guess they would've really hated my $1 tip then!! LOL
  15. harley128

    School me on Epoxy flooring.

    Ours had noise. It was terrible. So much so that we made the installer remove it, then glue the wood down to the concrete slab. No problems since.
  16. harley128


    Thx for the info.
  17. harley128

    Bought my daughter her first vehicle

    Looks nice. Good for her
  18. harley128

    Oklahoma City FS/FT Lot of 3 Military Style Flap Holsters

    I will take them. I will send you pm
  19. harley128

    More vehicle woes. <sigh>

    Life is short. Go for it or you will regret it forever. Easy for me to say , but sometimes it pays to bite that bullet. Search nationwide for a demo or maybe 1 year old..... But, I do know used are bringing premiums also.
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