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  1. golddigger14s

    Good News Bad News

    Murphy is actuualy a "she".
  2. golddigger14s

    Good News Bad News

    Good: Went to Lake Elmer Tomas and rented a bass boat for the day. Great day on the lake with the wife and dog. Caught a fish (bass I think) but it jumped off the hook in my excitment when I tried to Gopro it. Bad: Wife got so fried by the sun. She got blisters even with 50 SPH rating.
  3. golddigger14s

    Does anybody else here...

    Yep 24/7
  4. golddigger14s

    Restored B-29 takes to the air

    I'll be there! https://commemorativeairforce.org/events/519
  5. golddigger14s

    The link between pot and mass shootings may be closer than we think

    I've smoked a lot of weed in my day. Guess what? Never killed anybody.
  6. golddigger14s

    Women, can't live with em....can't live without em.

    When you get done with his place come on by my place. :)
  7. golddigger14s

    Any Metal Detectors Out There?

    If in the Lawton area let me know.
  8. golddigger14s

    Any Metal Detectors Out There?

    Just buy one. There is no way to DIY for a quality detector. (Unless you are David Johnson (engineer of Gold Bug II)) :)
  9. golddigger14s

    How to clean coins?

  10. golddigger14s

    Keltec PF9

    If you have a PF9 go to MCARBO for aftermarket goodies: https://www.mcarbo.com/kel-tec-pf9-accessories.aspx
  11. golddigger14s

    Any Metal Detectors Out There?

    Garrett is a good way to go. I have an Ace 300 still in the box that I won in a MDing competition a few years ago.
  12. golddigger14s

    Any Metal Detectors Out There?

    If anybody is in the Lawton area and want to go out let me know. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/oklahoma/
  13. golddigger14s

    Any Metal Detectors Out There?

    It's a fun hobby I need to get back into.
  14. golddigger14s


    Caught my first fish in OK Saturday at LETRA. Not worth a picture it was maybe 3 inches long, perch I think. Better than nothing.
  15. golddigger14s

    Restored B-29 takes to the air

    My father flew a B-26 in WWII over Italy. Interesting story about the last one that flew. Crashed in 1995. https://387bg.com/Aircraft/B-26%20Carolyn.htm
  16. golddigger14s

    Lawton FGST Lunch!

    Rib Crib 7/21
  17. golddigger14s

    22lr a good get home rifle?

    A gun rifle/pistol to have to get home from work or ? during a SHTF event.
  18. golddigger14s

    Re: dedicated rimfire range, question for you guys

    I'm in Faxon so a no-go. A great idea, but not all of us are in that area.
  19. golddigger14s

    Related to GED's keto post

    I'm on board. I've lost 70 lbs with low carbs, but since I got married she has kind of derailed me.
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