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  1. Mack45

    2007 Chevy issues

    Sounds like the stepper motor on the dash gauge. I would verify actual pressure with a mechanical gauge as mentioned earlier.
  2. Mack45

    Smart Car

  3. Mack45

    The look of the new OSA…

    bulbboy’s image is closer to the original logo. Mine is the logo on a challenge coin.
  4. Mack45

    The look of the new OSA…

    This is the logo from the original OSA. This is the best image II could find.
  5. Mack45

    The look of the new OSA…

    Any way we can get our old original OSA logo back?
  6. Mack45

    Seen a blimp

    I saw it about 9:30 this morning in Baxter Springs, KS. It was headed southwest, towards Tulsa. There is a NASCAR race in Texas, I’ll bet that is where it was going.
  7. Mack45

    Hooking Up Three Phase Genie To 220V Well

    You sure the generator is three phase? It would be unusual to find one that size for residential use. But, you could power the pump just fine with a three phase generator.
  8. Mack45


    +1 on the Terro, it works.
  9. Mack45

    Hummingbird 2021

    4 water / 1 sugar is what we use too.
  10. Mack45

    Hummingbird 2021

    We saw our first one yesterday. We are east of Quapaw.
  11. Mack45

    Lurking since Dec. 2016

    Glad you figured it out, welcome.
  12. Mack45

    If you can do dis, U 2 can be a lectrishun

    Did you have to switch the other end too?
  13. Mack45

    OMG! I've had it!

    Prayers sent GED, for you and yours.
  14. Mack45

    Good ole days game..

    Roy Rogers, Nelly Bell was Pat Brady’s Jeep, Buttermilk was Dale Evans horse.
  15. Mack45

    Coyote, cat, ring tailed lemur or Chinese red panda

    Looks like a bobcat. I think I can see the white spot on the back of its ear.
  16. Mack45

    Good ole days game..

    Buzz landed on the moon.
  17. Mack45

    Any fellow amateur radio or GMRS folks here?

    Yes, keep us posted.
  18. Mack45

    Any fellow amateur radio or GMRS folks here?

  19. Mack45

    Good ole days game..

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