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Search Results

  1. Bush Dog

    Gun buy regret

    Taurus PT709. To the factory for repair twice and still an unreliable piece of crap.
  2. Bush Dog

    OMG! I've had it!

    Hang in there. Better times are coming.
  3. Bush Dog

    Doing Business with someone without feedback or threads posted?

    Lots of new gun owners out there, which is a good thing. A lot of them only have limited experience interacting in the firearms community, and that was likely on Armslist. I think we just need to educate them on the proper etiquette that is expected of them on this site if they want to fit in...
  4. Bush Dog

    Our retarded neighbors to the north.

    Nobody respects Canada anyway. They’re weak and always have been. If they weren’t our neighbors they’d be speaking German or Japanese.
  5. Bush Dog

    How's Your Antifreeze?

  6. Bush Dog

    How's Your Antifreeze?

    Engine block heater will solve the problem, not that anyone in this part of the country has one.
  7. Bush Dog

    OG & E email 2/14/21 @ 18:53

    The prison best a$$ pounding hand gesture comes from “Get Hard” with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. Warning, graphic language.
  8. Bush Dog

    What's the most fouled up business/group you deal with?

    SiriusXM. Ever tried canceling service? You have to speak with a live person to cancel your service. That’s all fine and good if a real person is accessible. Took me 2 days to get someone, then they disconnected in the middle of the call. Once my blood pressure came down out of the clouds I said...
  9. Bush Dog

    OG & E email 2/14/21 @ 18:53

    Or just pounded in general?
  10. Bush Dog

    My daughter is awesome!

    Just buy her something nice. Works with my daughter.
  11. Bush Dog

    OG & E email 2/14/21 @ 18:53

    Anyone else besides me have a problem with getting “lubelessly pounded.”
  12. Bush Dog

    9mm 115grn bullets

    Back in stock.https://americanreloading.com/en/9mm-380-auto-355-356/2813-9mm-115gr-fmj-new-1000ct.html
  13. Bush Dog

    Item Gone: FS S&W M&P EZ .380 ACP

    Thumb safety?
  14. Bush Dog

    5.56 brass

    It’s never-fired brass so not too bad.
  15. Bush Dog

    5.56 brass

  16. Bush Dog

    Some powder in stock

    Momma always said I was special.
  17. Bush Dog

    Some powder in stock

    Hp38, HS6, hiskor 700x, BI-C2, CFE Blk, CFE pistol, h110, h322, us869
  18. Bush Dog

    Some powder in stock

    Accurate 5, 1680, 2230, 2520
  19. Bush Dog

    Some powder in stock

    Accurate and Hodgdon powders
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