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  1. Hodrod

    Four Officers Testify About January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot

    They were not the only ones to cry. I cried for our Republic and where we are heading with the dem's in control.....
  2. Hodrod

    Woke up to a mess

    That's a good excuse to eat all of them....
  3. Hodrod

    OSA Chit Chat Thread

    Took a trip to the ranch today and had a RV cover installed over my DRV Mobile Suites.....the installer has done other work for me at the ranch installing steel buildings and covers....here are a few pics:
  4. Hodrod

    Oklahoma Shooters has made me better

    Your 100% right about the people here on the OSA website.....lots of giving and caring people.....I LOVE this site too....!!!
  5. Hodrod

    Gunbroker adds another fee

    I haven't purchased items on Gunbroker for a couple of months.....this is news to me but not a shock.....
  6. Hodrod

    Gunman Stoned To Death

    lethal force against lethal force.....
  7. Hodrod

    What do you think this new law will do to crime and do you think it will survive the year?

    Makes me glad to live here in Oklahoma....the left has really gone off the deep end and will pay for this sooner rather than later.
  8. Hodrod

    Are there ever CRAZY deals on Gunbroker?

    Range Plunker is right on target with Gunbroker users pricing.....they are feeding off each other and getting crazier and crazier every day.....but there are still good deals from time to time.
  9. Hodrod

    Something eating my bell peppers!

    I love bell peppers RickN....I've grown them for years and have never had anything bother them.....I have had rabbits eating the lettuce, spinach, carrots and tomatoes in the garden but never had any problems with any of my pepper plants.....It might be aliens.....
  10. Hodrod

    .50 BMG vs strongest padlock in the world

    Wow....what a lock.....I wonder what it costs????
  11. Hodrod

    Optic for Barrett M82a1

    Thanks for the offer TenBears but I purchased a scope for the Barrett.... a Leupold Mark 4 to keep it period correct.....
  12. Hodrod

    The Raptor 50 BMG vs. Bowling Balls with FMJ, AMAX, and API

    Nice........it's hard to beat a 50BMG for target elimination :thumbup3:
  13. Hodrod

    There Are Still A Lot Of Good People

    I'm with bigred1....I like to hear about good stuff.....
  14. Hodrod

    Washington State has removed Oklahoma from the list of states they honor

    Wasn't planning on going on vacation there so no loss to me....I'm sure glad I live in Oklahoma and not there...!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hodrod

    Some days!

    Hang in there RickN.....In a few months you'll be able to laugh with the wife about getting old and the issues that go along with days like this......In the mean time you deserve to be upset.....
  16. Hodrod

    New ENS (Eat n Shoot) thread

    I haven't made an ENS yet but I sure am ready to see a few of the faces who's remarks I've read on the site....
  17. Hodrod

    Oklahoma City FS Desert Eagle 50 AE Chrome with Very Rare 10 Inch Barrel

    won't open for me either....
  18. Hodrod

    Rochester’s Democrat Mayor Lovely Warren to be Arraigned on Weapons Charges

    Another case of do as I say not as I do.....
  19. Hodrod

    A great prank

  20. Hodrod

    OSA Chit Chat Thread

    At $12.50/bottle for Coors I would have drunk H2o also.....I remember when a case of 24 was $9.99.....wow inflation....
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