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  1. Aku

    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    OSU fan here too. And agree, don't want any part of the SEC. If OU and Texas go, I don't see OSU going. More likely we'll stay in a revamped Big 12, or PAC 12. The NIL has really threw a wrench in college football.
  2. Aku


    Yes. Until internet connectivity is treated like a utility, controled by the government, there will be intrusions into the Constitution.
  3. Aku

    Got a lot going on, could use some life advice?

    Agree with @Chief Sapulpa. Deposit or invest the money in your name, and your name alone. Keep that money as separate property/money. I would even consider a pre-nup if its a lot of money. Do not commingle the money. Agree with @RickN. I would send the lawyer a letter, (so that you have it...
  4. Aku

    Texas Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State to Skip Election Reform Will Be Arrested Upon Return

    I don't believe that was my intent. I do want people to assemble and vote in blocks, and get together to lobby for issues. This can and should happen without a political party however.
  5. Aku

    Texas Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State to Skip Election Reform Will Be Arrested Upon Return

    I was referencing campaign finance and ballot access laws. Although, political parties do go have other avenues to limit the voting public, like in Oklahoma the measure to restrict the initiative referendum. http://okvoterchoice.org/
  6. Aku

    Texas Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State to Skip Election Reform Will Be Arrested Upon Return

    Not really. The first step would be to repeal the laws favoring and giving money to political parties. Election laws requiring Identification. Mandatory criminal action against lobbyists, and those taking money from corporations. Repeal and reversal of laws establishing corporate personhood...
  7. Aku

    .600 Overkill...are you man enough?

  8. Aku

    Do you know what "liverwurst" is?

    Never had it. But it did trigger childhood memories of Scooby-Doo and Shaggy.
  9. Aku

    TMZ to air Pentagon's proof of UFOs Monday

    Anytime I see UFO and US Government in the same sentence, I wonder what they're trying to hide. If DARPA is as advanced as some believe, then there's likely no way to tell the difference between US tech and aliens.
  10. Aku

    Gender reveal

  11. Aku


    Reported the spam message. Curious what others used as a reason for the report.
  12. Aku

    I see we're getting some storms this evening.

    Just flew through Del City. Heading to Norman. No hail here.
  13. Aku

    Are you a white supremacist?

    According to CNN, I've been a racist since birth.
  14. Aku

    What other firearm forums do you frequent.

    This is the only firearm forum I'm member of, and I can barely keep up here. Plus I have to be careful on forums, occasionally after a few beers, I try to be funny: never works out well.
  15. Aku

    Let's see them doggies!

    The boys. Duke (in front), and Bison. And by far the meanest of the three, my little girl, Belle Starr.
  16. Aku

    Cuomo Declares ‘Gun Violence’ a Public Health Crisis

    Interesting article, big city violence is a problem. But this smells to me like a diversionary tactic for Cumo.
  17. Aku

    Greetings From Push County

    Hello and welcome
  18. Aku


  19. Aku

    What did American children ever do before there was Internet, PC's, tablets, gaming and mobile phones?

    Being inside was the exception. Sick, or something broke. Grew up on a farm, went hunting, fishing, riding bikes.
  20. Aku

    Wing of Miami-area condo collapses

    Any indication of cause yet? bunch a rumors saying sinkhole.
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