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  1. JoeUSooner

    What do you think this new law will do to crime and do you think it will survive the year?

    This policy has (obviously... and I think the term is, "well, duh!...) NOT been well thought-through. But what else would you expect from a group of 2-watt-bulbs-for-brains Leftist politicians???
  2. JoeUSooner

    Biden and the 9mm

    Or in the home's basement.
  3. JoeUSooner

    Anyone needing powder?

    Titegroup is the only powder I've used in about six years. I reload only 9mm, 115grain FMJ (for young girls pistol team). Have not had a single failure in more than 26,000 rounds.
  4. JoeUSooner

    House Bill 1630

    The ATF approval is apparently just a formality. A number of other states have applied for (and received) ATF approval. None of those states were disapproved. The governor's office, and the OK2A group, estimate that the entire process will be finished in time for the law to take effect by the...
  5. JoeUSooner

    Moms Demand Action against Gun Violence

    "Moms Demand Action" was actually the title of a porn movie! Back in the late '70s/early '80s, that movie was very popular (and financially successful) all across the Deep South - and especially in Atlanta. A few years ago, I met Shannon Watts at a gun-rights debate. I (innocently, of...
  6. JoeUSooner


    Cowcatcher, I'm a retired structural engineer (with some time on my hands) and your idea intrigues me... if you'll trust me enough to send me the details/sketches/photos (whatever data you have), I'll create a package of ACAD 3d design drawings for you. No charge (it would just be a fun project...
  7. JoeUSooner

    Ammo.....you can find it here.

    Kurt, I found a boatload of 7 and 8 in 2-3/4" 12ga at Academy in Edmond last week, but that was the ONLY shot size they had... there was no - NO - #4, 5 or 6.
  8. JoeUSooner

    9mm 1911?

    After owning a SA Ronin for two years, I sold it to my brother (who lives in another state, where shopping retail for a handgun was an ordeal) when he decided to obtain a house gun. The Ronin is an excellent pistol... high quality, great design, impressive accuracy, and very dependable. I...
  9. JoeUSooner


    That has been true in America for many years... it's not really new in 2020 (although it IS very true this year!)
  10. JoeUSooner

    Hello Mr. Officer

    In the past two decades, I've been stopped by a traffic officer only three times (no tickets, no arrests... once was in a small town earlier this year, because the officer noticed that I looked lost, so she simply asked if she could help). In all three cases, while smiling but before saying a...
  11. JoeUSooner

    Tumblers: Lyman vs Frankford

    Last spring, I had a Frankford tumbler bowl break (also in the very bottom, by the bolthole)... but that was after nearly four years of hard use - so I guess I got my money's worth. I found a replacement bowl for $11, about a week later. The main housing is still in great shape, and the motor...
  12. JoeUSooner

    Setting up the reloading bench

    Nice setup. The distance between your two presses (upper picture) is almost exactly the same as the distance between my two Lee presses, and I've found that to be quite convenient (it has worked well for me since 2016).
  13. JoeUSooner

    Gun Ban

    Oh, yes, Biden CAN act unilaterally... issuing any Executive Order he chooses. If, for instance, he instructed the ATF to immediately designate AR-15s as falling under the Firearms Act that controls automatic weapons [no, of course AR-15's are not automatic, but that fact alone will not prevent...
  14. JoeUSooner

    Autumn's Armory: Reloading 9mm!!

    I love this!! Autumn is an impressive young lady! My 11-year-old granddaughter is (and looks/acts) just like Autumn. Ellie has been shooting since her 8th birthday, and she is now on the girls' pistol team that I coach. Ellie is my little mechanical engineer... she has been reloading for two...
  15. JoeUSooner

    Concealed Carry Insurance

    I've been a CCW SAFE member for almost 4 years, and I am remarkably happy. The coverage amounts are more than plentiful, the pricing is reasonable, and their customer service is phenomenal (I've not had any covered incidents, but I speak to customer service reps each time I renew, and they are...
  16. JoeUSooner

    Stupid brass question

    I only reload 9mm. As soon as I return from the range, I sort the brass, tumble it (for 2-6 hours, depending on condition), and then de-prime it. When convenient, I re-prime the casings, and store them in a large plastic container... so that I always have some fully-ready cases on hand at all...
  17. JoeUSooner

    Newb Q...whats your go to powder for 9mm

    Thanks, professor! I'll contact them. I live more than 45 minutes from Sears, but it may be worthwhile to make the trip.
  18. JoeUSooner

    Newb Q...whats your go to powder for 9mm

    I've been using TiteGroup since 2016 (over 20,000 rounds reloaded). 4.0 grains of powder for 115grain 9mm bullets - with OAL of 1.125" (+/- .004), and have only had one bad cartridge in all that time. Don't want to "mess with perfection," but TiteGroup is becoming quite rare, and Hodgdon has...
  19. JoeUSooner

    The shortage........bartering for ammo.

    Excellent reply!! Thanks for the laugh.
  20. JoeUSooner

    Loaded Mossberg Shockwave in Vehicle

    In a mid-month rally last November, Don Spenser assured a crowd of about 250 people that the Shockwave was indeed "now legal!" At the time, I had no idea what that Shockwave was... but I read about the critter, and decided that I did not need to mess with that level of recoil. Haven't...
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