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  1. Dr_Mitch

    Item Gone: FS/FT Tanfoglio Stock 2, Witness P, and Ruger 22/45, plus accessories

    $275 for Ruger 22/45 with one magazine and picatinny rail for optic mounting $225 for Witness P
  2. Dr_Mitch

    Item Gone: FS/FT Tanfoglio Stock 2, Witness P, and Ruger 22/45, plus accessories

    Item Name: FS/FT Tanfoglio Stock 2, Witness P, and Ruger 22/45, plus accessories Location: NW OKC Zip Code: 73114 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 1100 Trade Value or Items Looking For: 300 Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Tanfoglio Stock...
  3. Dr_Mitch

    Fouled Bore Precision: 1,350 yard rifle range

    I generated $850,000 and huge double-digit margins in a multi-year depressed market that is facing a further 10% collapse in revenue last year. What did you do?
  4. Dr_Mitch

    Fouled Bore Precision: 1,350 yard rifle range

    Time for an official thread for this place. He only posts on Facebook even though I've told him about OSA and BoomerShooter. Some people are just dense. Fouled Bore Precision LLC
  5. Dr_Mitch

    USPSA at OKCGC May 7th 2016

    OKC Gun Club's May USPSA match is this weekend -- May 7th. Sign-in will start about 9:15, and the match should be underway by 10AM. Lunch will be available, as usual. We will be building stages Friday afternoon starting around 1PM; help is always appreciated.
  6. Dr_Mitch

    USPSA @ USSA in Tulsa, Sunday May 1st 2016

    USPSA AT USSA IN TULSA THIS MONTH ONLY IS MAY 1st. That is this coming Sunday. Match Reminder: Our May match is coming up on Sunday the 1st of May. This is for this month only! We'll be having 7 stages including a classifier for around 168 (+/-) rounds. Bays are 11 - 15 so parking in the...
  7. Dr_Mitch

    3-Gun tomorrow at OKCGC 4-23–16

    I've been slacking on these announcement threads, but I've been really busy. From Mike Cyrwus: 5 stages, 9am start 62 rifle 44 shotgun 54 pistol, no buck or slug, save it up for the 5th Saturday shotgun match!
  8. Dr_Mitch

    USPSA @ Old Fort Gun Club, Ft Smith AR 4-17-16

    From the match director: Hello everyone, It is time for our monthly match at OFGC. This month we will have 7 stages, 6 field courses and 1 classifier. Two of these field courses will be short courses and they will be in the same bay. Also, the Swinging Star will make an appearance this month...
  9. Dr_Mitch

    Tagging People

    Once I focus on shotgun loadng again I will crush @Burk Cornelius like an egg everywhere we meet.
  10. Dr_Mitch

    AK Build Class !?!

    Alright, this class was excellent! It was a very long weekend, but we made it through with some truly excellent rifles to show for it. It was actually a pretty good value overall, and I feel like I got more than my money's worth out of it. It was quite easy to shoot out to 300 yards and make...
  11. Dr_Mitch

    IPSC/USPSA first timer

  12. Dr_Mitch

    USPSA at USSA 4-10-16

    We really need more Tulsa and surrounding-area folks at this match. This match is 80% filled by OKC crew, which just seems weird. [from Match Director] It's that time again for our monthly USPSA match at USSA. 7 stages including a classifier with a total of 165 rounds if you don't miss...
  13. Dr_Mitch

    IPSC Rifle Match - OKCGC - March 26th

    We are now also going to be shooting a bunch of steel targets and will be using a rooftop prop as a shooting position. One week to go!
  14. Dr_Mitch

    Old Fort Shootout, USPSA, Ft Smith AR, March 19-20

    This was a GREAT match. 10 stages each day this weekend. Each day you had to shoot a different division. Good times as always.
  15. Dr_Mitch

    Why work up your loads? Why down load to start?

    Powder distributors release new load data every year. You can get it directly from the main distributor's website. It is in the form of a magazine, because it is little more than a list of recipes. Western Powders has one and Hodgdon has one. Western Powders even has separate guides for at...
  16. Dr_Mitch

    AK ammo 7.62x39

    500 round half case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo
  17. Dr_Mitch

    AK ammo 7.62x39

    Awesome link! I haven't bought any non-shotgun ammo in a long time since I reload. Ordered from SG Ammo! Thanks.
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