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  1. rswink

    New ENS (Eat n Shoot) thread

    Hopefully we can make it. very busy schedule with a new grandson and vacations coming up.
  2. rswink

    Lexington WMA Shooting Ranges

    My wife and I have cleaned up after every trip down there. Have never seen anybody abusing the ranges, but when we go we don't usually see anybody there. Thanks for keeping us updated on the goings on out there.
  3. rswink

    Greetings fellow 2a advocate’s

    Welcome to the board/madness
  4. rswink

    The look of the new OSA…

    Well, they work (sort of) on my android. Everything works on the laptop. My problem is that forums are being blocked at work by website. Wish there was an app for that,
  5. rswink

    Are you a white supremacist?

    buying ammo doesn't count on credit report, right?
  6. rswink

    Extended Auto Warranties: Group Buy?

    I prefer to answer and hit mute. The computer thinks it is a problem with the line and hangs up. A person calling will start asking if you can hear them.
  7. rswink

    Tapatalk Help/Issues.

    What I do on sites like this is turn the phone into landscape to read, and use portrait to respond. It is annoying buy when you work this much you have to do what needs be done. Would still rather use Tapatalk as I don't have to do all the reorientation of the phone. Freedom means......
  8. rswink

    Tapatalk Help/Issues.

    That got it, thanks.
  9. rswink

    Tapatalk Help/Issues.

    Nope, it keeps coming back into this aweful mess of a format
  10. rswink

    Monkey fists.

    And here I have been using them for setting tarps for years. But I usually tie them and discard the rock afterwards.
  11. rswink

    Anybody get anything cool that is gun-related today?

    Where were you shopping?
  12. rswink

    Tapatalk Help/Issues.

    Which sucks because the mobile browser version makes you want to drop the site. On my laptop it isn't bad, but this android it is horrific
  13. rswink

    Ammo.....you can find it here.

    That was the price, but what are you going to do when you need them? Maybe by next summer.
  14. rswink

    Sig Romeo 5 $109

    I wish they would give it with the Juliet instead of the MSR
  15. rswink

    Ruger LCP Max... anybody handled/fired one?

    Haven't found anywhere that has them in stock yet
  16. rswink

    Anybody get anything cool that is gun-related today?

    got 1 of those on my Max 9, really like it.
  17. rswink


    since work blocks these site that makes it a lot harder. I can't get cell data at any speed inside the building and they block sites on the wifi but Tapatalk gets right by their block.
  18. rswink

    OSA - 17 Design Lowers - Completed Builds Thread

    trying to decide how to top off the 450B for hunting, that is all that is left to do.
  19. rswink

    Giggle switch . . .

    Exactly why I "want" a binary trigger for a 10/22 but have held of on getting it.
  20. rswink


    Getting a network error on Tapatalk currently. Seems to have been down since this weekend but I was too busy to check things.
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