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    CMP 1911 lottery order packet...are you submitting one?

    Dead thread? Can’t believe no one has chimed in since round 2 has started.
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    Anyone been to GunWorld lately?!?

    Kind of sounds like the staff that was at Outdoor America back when.
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    Item Gone: FS Colt LW Officers-Enhanced NIB w/ammo

    Is this still available?
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    Item Gone: FS 1944 Dated Izhevsk 1895 Nagant

    Item Name: FS 1944 Dated Izhevsk 1895 Nagant Location: TUTTLE Zip Code: 73089-7520 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $380 Caliber: 7.62x38R Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: 1944 Izhevsk Nagant Will ship to C&R or FFL who will accept from a non-licensed...
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    Finn Mosin

    That guy is now Patricia Burns now, I have purchased a couple from her with no regrets.
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    BOLO for blue/green Ford pickup bed trailer

    Now if you fealt that your life was in danger like they were going to run you down on the way out.
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    Bourbon drinkers?

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    WII P.38 Pistols

    Seen his display,lots to choose from.
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    Walmart walk?

    Guess I did the walk, but that was back in 95 when I first got my license.
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    Tri city gun club

    Did mine back in October as well, rifle range cover is looking so much better, tried it the other day and really like the slab floor.
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    Introduce yourself here!!

    Hello everyone. New here but not in the gun world. Been a shooter / hunter most of my life. Avid hunter and collector. Been a Life Memeber of NRA for over three years now. I think if you are a shooter the NRA is your friend.
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