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  1. PBramble

    Do your big-box stores treat you like a baby?

    Bought a shotgun at a Texas BPS. Filled out the 4473 and the guy asked if I had any other shopping to do. I said yes and he put the shotgun box in my cart and told me enjoy my visit. Wife and I walked around for about an hour and a half with the gun in the cart basket and shells for it in the...
  2. PBramble

    Sand Plums

    Don't those fall under the same regulations as morels? I'm under the impression it's illegal to take anything off of WMAs.
  3. PBramble


  4. PBramble

    First Trip To Fouled Bore Precision Today

    One table, enough room for a couple of shooters prone on the platforms. they are covered though.
  5. PBramble

    The official future ex-wife thread.

    Look like some of those wind turbines in western OK?
  6. PBramble

    Smokeless muzzleloader

    Do not mistake those burn rate charts. They are fastest to slowest, but there may be huge jumps in burn rates between two listed next to each other. Be very careful substituting powders. I'd suggest using only tested loads, even then starting out 10 percent lower and working up.
  7. PBramble

    Firearm wish list.

    I'm gonna be careful wishing for particular firearms. I've always wanted a Ruger Alaskan. I made the comment one day that if someone built an Alaskan in 500, I'd buy it. Damn you S&W, I'm still saving up.
  8. PBramble

    Sign of things to come?

    I did think it reminded me of the classifieds here. Not even SG is that expensive.
  9. PBramble

    Sign of things to come?

    Really hoping this is just a misprint
  10. PBramble

    Smokeless muzzleloader

    Most of us building them are using tradidtional rifle actions with locking lugs on the bolts. I think that's where the primary confusion about charges differences comes in.
  11. PBramble

    U.S. Court of Appeals 4th Circuit Ruling on handgun purchases

    Oh, I agree. But that's just the way it will be seen so it'll get shut down pretty quick.
  12. PBramble

    Experiences with Browning Silver Field Semi-Auto and Franchi Affinity 3.5

    The Affinity can be had for less than 800 if you shop around. We bought one from Buds and had it shipped to Sooner State recently.
  13. PBramble

    WMA hunting

    Lexington is the opposite. The roads are in the WMA and the deer are pushed out. They move to private land surrounding it. The key is watching these right of ways and being patient enough to sit there. I've seen does at daybreak at 650 yards, then a buck at 75 yards for about 4 or 5 minutes. The...
  14. PBramble

    U.S. Court of Appeals 4th Circuit Ruling on handgun purchases

    Drinking isn't a right. Won't hold water. The real question is will any retailers be sued for refusing to sell handgun ammo to those under 21 now?
  15. PBramble

    Neck sizing and shooting

    You'd still end up with a donut even with the tighter chamber. The brass is going to flow from there to the neck. Neck sizing is good to a point, but as you experienced, a sticky bolt is the tell tale sign to full length resize. Either method will work for a while, but case failure is eminent.
  16. PBramble


    Money will be lost from hunting leases and licenses. Agencies will be shut down due to lack of funding. Poaching will be at an all time high. Since there are no hunting seasons, no laws will have been violated and no offenders will be charged. Slippery slope.
  17. PBramble

    What other firearm forums do you frequent.

    Another long time snipers hide member here. The boards are moderated more than most think. The host doesn't put up with ********. There are members there that have been called on the carpet in the oval office. If you think the board is racist, stay out of the bear pit. That's where the the most...
  18. PBramble

    Save old spent primers

    They also make good shot for home defense shotgun shells. Anything in a pinch.
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