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  1. scott024

    Taurus Judge or S&W Gov?

    I have a Judge and will eventually find a deal on a Governor. I can't complain at all about the Judge. I run 2.5" 6 shot when I'm at the lease for snakes and burrowing critters. I've never ran anything but 410 through it so I'm not sure about accuracy with 45 colt. It's not a light gun which...
  2. scott024

    Official Random Photo Thread

    Today at 5:15pm by my mailbox
  3. scott024

    Let's see them doggies!

  4. scott024

    Style choices for the apocalypse

    I'll change into my cut off BDUs and a tank top when I get to rural southern Oklahoma and sit by one of the many spring feed creeks out of the Arbuckle-Simpson aquafer
  5. scott024

    Want To Buy  Polaris Ranger Tires

    Looking for 25x8x12 front and 25x10x12 rear tires for 2018 Polaris Ranger Sportsman 570. I know somebody has a factory set sitting in the shed when they upgraded to bigger wheels and tires. I'm in Norman and willing to travel a bit for a good deal.
  6. scott024

    Value of a couple of Ruger Blackhawks?

    Condition is everything. Like the others have said, the box adds value. Gunbroker prices are almost always higher than what you are going to get for a firearm in Oklahoma by about 10%. Gunbroker also charges the seller 5% of the sale price. To get the best price, I would look to sell it locally...
  7. scott024

    Comp for .223/5.56

    I've got a Miculek AR comp that's been in the parts bin for longer than I can remember. It's used but in nice shape, threads are 1/2 x 28 and go on easy. If you will come get it, I'll take $10 for it...
  8. scott024

    Firearm Lube upgrade time?

    Lubricants with ceraflon are my go to lube. S&W had a line of ceraflon lubricants that I'm still using, and it's better than anything I've used before. Also, froglube is terrible. It gums up eventually.
  9. scott024

    CAI Tantal Sporter 5.45x39_SOLD

    I'll sweeten the deal. Throwing in 180 rounds of Silver Bear so you can load the mags.
  10. scott024

    CAI Tantal Sporter 5.45x39_SOLD

    Century Arms Tantal Sporter in 5.45x39. Comes with 5 tapco mags and a cirlce 10 mag. $1100 FTF in Norman Area. Possibly trade for S&W PD revolver (360PD, 340PD, 386PD, 329PD) plus/minus cash depending on condition.
  11. scott024

    Saiga 7.62x39_Traded- Item Gone

    Made in Russia. Unmolested Saiga Sporter in 7.62x39. Bought it used 15-20 years ago. It was imported by Russian American Armory which was an early importer of the Saiga. FTF in Norman area. $900 or trade for S&W PD revolver (360PD, 340PD, 386PD, 329PD) plus/minus cash depending on condition.
  12. scott024

    Not For Squeamish - Spider got me

    Get the stun gun out. I know using a stun gun works because I've seen it with my own eyes. https://www.oklahoman.com/article/3522007/oklahoma-doctor-has-stunning-treatment-for-spider-bites
  13. scott024

    Optic for Barrett M82a1

    Hensoldt or Kahles are great scopes, just don't plan on finding one with MOA adjustments. I'm pretty sure they are the military divisions of Zeiss and Swarovski, respectively. If you are patient, you can find one of the higher magnification range scopes for less than 2k. I have the Hensoldt...
  14. scott024

    Oklahoma City For sale smith and Wesson 632-1 327 magnum

    I"ll take it. PM sent.
  15. scott024

    Which cities in Oklahoma or north Texas are good for shopping for quality vintage guns?

    This guy has his inventory online and usually has a variety of older guns in nice shape. It's in Coalgate, OK. Oops. Forgot link. Oddduckguns.com
  16. scott024

    Commerical M1 Carbines

    What in the wide wide world of sports is going on? Can someone please explain why commercial m1 carbines from makers such as auto ordinance, universal, and plainfield machine company are fetching mega premium prices. See link below for current auction that ends shortly. I realize everything is...
  17. scott024


    Thanks for the range report. I just got a brick in this week. Hoping to get out and test it in my S&W revolver soon.
  18. scott024

    Want To Buy  Winchester 62A

    Looking for a nice* condition Winchester 62A. That's a takedown 22 pump for the younger guys. *Nice for a gun that's over 60 years old.
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