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  1. Aviator

    When to start a feeder

    We’ve had good luck starting our feeders about two weeks before archery season opens, after the first week of November it seems like most of the pics we get are all at night. If your landowner is open to it planting a few small food plots can be a big draw. We planted clover, WW, and oats on...
  2. Aviator

    Game cam woes

    It sounds like your son just got a lemon. Even my cheapest cameras ($40)I typically get a few months out of the batteries. I recently bought a couple Moultrie XV 7000 cell cams to put on my Oklahoma property since I live 14 hours away, and I even get about 2 months out of them with 8 double...
  3. Aviator

    Just joined, Hello

    Welcome! I’m new here also but it seems like a good place to hang out!
  4. Aviator

    Random question for airline pilots

    Dsudflyboy that is some very sound advice, however there are options beside the airlines that he could pursue, and they don’t require an ATP. CFI’s are in high demand, I pay my CFI $75 an hour for my BFR, and several contract pilots I hire for demo flights charge a $250 minimum for...
  5. Aviator

    Elk guidance???

    Myself and a few friends have hunted the over the counter hunts in southwest Colorado 5 times during the rifle hunt and once during the archery hunt. The only hunt we didn’t bring elk home with us was the archery hunt, and that was due to poor shooting on my part, not lack of elk. We have had...
  6. Aviator

    Random question for airline pilots

    Just an FYI for anyone looking for an aviation job, Spirit Airlines announced this morning that they are starting to hire again.
  7. Aviator

    How soon for rolling electrical blackouts in OK?

    Not sure about Oklahoma City but I just received an automated message from the City of Seminole asking for everyone to reduce electrical usage or they may need to use rolling blackouts.
  8. Aviator

    Random question for airline pilots

    That’s hilarious, I didn’t know that the Future Farmers of America are now in charge of our airspace system. :rotflmao:
  9. Aviator

    Random question for airline pilots

    Your son might find that subscribing to Avweb would be interesting. It’s a daily email (free) publication about anything new or current news in the aviation industry. It frequently has updates about flight schools and the outlook for pilot hiring.
  10. Aviator

    Howdy folks!

    I li
  11. Aviator

    Howdy folks!

    We have some great elk hunting, I’m an avid elk hunter and usually take a pretty decent bull whenever I get drawn, which is seldom. )-: The archery season during the rut is hard to beat. I can help you out with unit choices if you ever decide to apply for a permit.
  12. Aviator

    Howdy folks!

    That’s true we have a ton of for service land BLM and state land to hunt on and there’s very little private land except in the very southern part of the state.
  13. Aviator

    Random question for airline pilots

    I wouldn’t discourage him from pursuing a career in aviation. Even though pilot new hires are non existent in the airline industry right now by the time he has his multi engine commercial and builds some time things will likely have changed. I’m an aircraft broker and work with airline and...
  14. Aviator

    Howdy folks!

    Greetings all! I’ve been visiting this forum often since becoming a landowner in Oklahoma a year ago. A lot of interesting topics and Information to be had here. I love how Oklahoma is such a strong 2nd amendment and hunting state. My home state of Arizona is a lot like Oklahoma except you’all...
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