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  1. jackary

    Reloading Setup Will Trade a Firearm

    I set up email notifications for when dies came back in stock, and I ordered direct from rcbs. They offered free shipping on orders over $25. Not sure if that helps but they weren’t jacking there prices up and were still at msrp. They also offer discounts to military and first responders.
  2. jackary

    Powder coat

    Looking to get my truck wheels powder coated as the factory finish has started to flake. Any recommendations for this around the OKC area.
  3. jackary

    Best fast food chicken sammich?

    Chick Fil A, Braums, Arbys (Chicken Bacon Swiss), anything from popeyes, kfc, or mcdonalds would be bottom of the barrel for my list.I haven't seen a clean popeyes or KFC restaurant in ages.
  4. jackary

    Kansas City MO

    Arthur Bryant’s was good. A couple of my college buddies and I drove up there a few years ago and toured the Harley plant and the Boulevard Brewery. We ate at Oklahoma Joe’s(now just Joe’s BBQ) and Arthur Bryant’s both were pretty good.
  5. jackary

    Oklahoma City  FS Blackhawk Holsters

    Item Name: FS Blackhawk Holsters Location: Guthrie, OK Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $20 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I have two Blackhawk Serpa CQC holsters for sale. I also have a double magazine pouch for double stack magazines. The Glock holster...
  6. jackary

    Oklahoma City  FS Nikon M223 3-12x42 and M223 mount

    Item Name: FS Nikon M223 3-12x42 and M223 mount Location: Guthrie Zip Code: 73044 Item is for: Sale/ Trade Sale Price: 300 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: M223 3-12x42 BDC 600 reticle and Nikon M223 XR Mount comes with Kill flash. $300 in OKC area. Low...
  7. jackary

    Seen a blimp

    Saw a Goodyear bus that said airship support team on the side, traveling westbound on I44 this afternoon.
  8. jackary

    Do your big-box stores treat you like a baby?

    Bought a gun at cabelas and they gave me the option of being escorted or taping up the box shut.
  9. jackary

    The Invincible Manurhin MR73 Revolver is Back in the USA

    I have a Manurhin PPK/s and it was pretty much Identical to an Interarms imported Walther PPK/s that my friend owned.
  10. jackary

    Barrel chop recommendations in Tulsa area

    If you aren't opposed to shipping it out I recommend these guys they do good work. https://www.dwilsonmfg.com/
  11. jackary


    I have used Harsh Firearms in Norman, and they did good work.
  12. jackary

    Electronic Predator Call and Decoy

    I have a primos alpha dog and a mojo critter decoy. I have liked both pretty well and have had both for quite awhile.
  13. jackary


    I will say I think there is way more innovation in the suppressors manufactured here in the states but we should definitely be able to buy one off a shelf and walk out with it the same day.
  14. jackary


    I have a 308 suppressor, a 22 suppressor, and a 45 suppressor. Are they needed, no, do they make range time more pleasant, yes. The 22 suppressor on my Ruger 22/45 pistol is probably the most fun. I will say I rarely shoot any of my ARs unsuppressed now. The 45 suppressor is just a range toy...
  15. jackary

    The Wait Begins!

    My last one took over a year, hopefully they have gotten wait times down.
  16. jackary

    Conceal 1911?

    I have one similar to this that is pretty comfortable. https://www.miltsparks.com/products-versa-max-2.php
  17. jackary

    1st build help.

    I also use my thumb
  18. jackary

    1st build help.

    Be careful dry firing, never dry fire with the upper removed as it will damage your bolt catch. They make blocks that keep this from happening to use when function checking the fire control group and safety. Post up some pictures and give us a range report once you get it out. They are...
  19. jackary

    1st build help.

    The only reason there would be a restriction is if you were building an AR pistol with a barrel shorter than sixteen inches. My understanding is that the angled fore grips are ok on pistols but vertical are a no go. Someone correct me if I am wrong on that.
  20. jackary

    1st build help.

    Midwest Industries makes a 308 Reaction, if I ever decide to do a 308 build I will be ordering one of them for the same reasons that I have the standard URR.
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