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  1. gearys 5600

    The EDC Flashlight Thread

    I picked up a Eagletac D25C awhile back.. Great single 123 pocket light.
  2. gearys 5600

    Take the HK P7 challenge...

    I have had a couple P7's .. Don't own one now, Not for me...
  3. gearys 5600

    Stuart Scott RIP...

    Sad day for the sports world.. RIP.
  4. gearys 5600

    the bottom has totally fallen out of the AR market

    I got to shoot one of the black Friday $599 Troy defense Ar's yesterday..I was very impressed..
  5. gearys 5600

    I'm back home.....

    Glad everything went good... Praying for a speedy recovery.
  6. gearys 5600

    Opinions on Troy DOA backup sights (or any others you recommend)

    I have a set of Troys on one of my AR's .. Great sights !
  7. gearys 5600

    Sig Brace ???

    They are on E-Bay for $115 ea. w/free shipping.
  8. gearys 5600

    Glock 26

    How about a G-32 ( 357 sig ) and I will throw in a holster and some ammo ?
  9. gearys 5600

    Annual Christmas Gift Card Drive for Children

    Paypal sent... Great job Jason.
  10. gearys 5600

    Bushnell TRS-25

    Would you be willing to ship ?
  11. gearys 5600

    22 maxi mag

    CCI Maxi mag is 22 mag.
  12. gearys 5600

    XDS vs. G26/27 vs. G30s

    Glock 26 with x3 mag extension.
  13. gearys 5600

    What would you think if you saw this on the street?

    Very talented !!! I wonder how many hours he has in that ?
  14. gearys 5600

    Folding knife suggestions

    I found one of my old EDC Benchmades !! I thought I lost this one. 814 Mini AFCK http://imageshack.com/a/img62/9030/ozma.jpg
  15. gearys 5600

    10 folks wanna do a group buy on Saiga 12 iz433?

    I am interested in the Saiga 12 group buy.
  16. gearys 5600

    Go Broncos!

    The Broncos are looking good !! 14-0 right now..
  17. gearys 5600

    Renewing ccw permit?

    I am pretty sure you cant send the renewal before 90 days of expiration.
  18. gearys 5600

    Duck Dynasty - DONE!

    Rick-Rolled !! LOL
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