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  1. snafu21

    Concealed Carry Insurance

    The wife and I both have USCCA
  2. snafu21

    How weird is this?

    I think so
  3. snafu21

    How weird is this?

    You are 100% correct. It threw a bunch of little pellets. No recoil at all either. First time shooting one of those.
  4. snafu21

    How weird is this?

    It quite possibly be. I could put a piece of paper up and see if it throws a pattern.
  5. snafu21

    How weird is this?

    I go out back to shoot some .22lr thru the Walther and NAA, which was just what the doctor ordered.... What's weird is that when I was loading the mags before putting them up, I saw the round pictured. Keep in mind, I do not mix boxes of rounds. Even if that were the case, I've never bought...
  6. snafu21

    Meme it up butter cup

    The more you know
  7. snafu21

    9mm vs .40sw what to carry

    Carry the most powerful that you can reliably fire. I personally love .40 and 10mm pistols and 9mm for a PCC. It's just what feels right and you're good with.
  8. snafu21

    Speaking of VA hearing aids

    It's a sad time indeed.
  9. snafu21

    Anybody get anything cool that is gun-related today?

    My first P80, I'm sure it looks like a total noob did it but I'll do better the second time. Lower with parts kit and light, upper kit in safe. Just trying to find 19 slide and barrel... sights of coursel
  10. snafu21

    Speaking of VA hearing aids

    Yes, from my experience of getting my Hearing Aids, that is totally backwards and you shouldn't have to pay for a thing. For your VA hearing claim, you can do it online, thru non-profit, for profit, or Community Service in the VA itself (Some American Legions have VA reps that can help you with...
  11. snafu21

    Speaking of VA hearing aids

    Can't imagine Muskogee being near as bad as okc which is terrible. My son in law lives in okc and goes to a clinic in Ada because he gets better care. I use my work insurance instead on using okc va because my primary is terrible.
  12. snafu21

    Speaking of VA hearing aids

    That 100% is very elusive. VA math makes it very hard to break the 90% mark. A buddy of mine has traumatic brain injury, ptsd and had his back broken twice and he only gets 90%
  13. snafu21

    What almost got you?

    Nothing exciting really. Mother was in nursing school and hired a woman that was going through a rough time to try and help her out. Apparently her trouble at home had her on the edge and some annoying kid just pushed her over. Thwack to the nugget, she called to tell mother, mother told her...
  14. snafu21

    What almost got you?

    Long list; Stabbed in forehead by babysitter. Passenger in an old bobcat when a Cadillac pulled out on front of us and cracked my head open pretty good. Seafood restaurant cooked in almond oil which I'm very allergic to. Ruptured appendix 3 helicopter crashes A terrible airborne jump screwed...
  15. snafu21

    Retired Army Sgt. Ken Harrelson STILL In Custody From Jan. 6 Protests

    It's absolutely baffling how they can justify 36 years for the idiots that went into the capitol. Yet they always drop charges against blm, antifa, and blac block even tho they destroy property and lives.
  16. snafu21

    Speaking of VA hearing aids

    If you served in the military and got honorable on your dd-214, you have tinnitus and PTSD. I'm not saying to lie and say you do have those if you don't. I'm just saying tinnitus claims are an almost guarantee 10% rating which gets you free medical to include hearing-aids. I'm also not saying...
  17. snafu21

    Item Gone: FS/FT FS Bigfoot Gunbelt

    Item Name: FS/FT FS Bigfoot Gunbelt Location: Stroud Zip Code: 74079 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 40 Trade Value or Items Looking For: What ya got Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I messed up and ordered a belt that is too small. It's a 14oz...
  18. snafu21

    We need to support this site now

    UGH... The years are going by way to quickly. That seems like just last year
  19. snafu21

    Academy line for ammo

    I make too much hourly to take off work too stand in line like that.
  20. snafu21

    We need to support this site now

    I've not been browsing gun forums in a while but I could not help but give a little support when I got the email. Oh yeah... I still carry the flashlight my secret Santa got me last year.
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