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  1. Roadking Larry

    Lyman Spartan T Press??????

    I've got one. Good solid press but I don't use it much. More of a backup to my Lyman T-Mag. I've messed with Lyman's on press priming some but I find it more fiddly than I care to mess with and continue to use my 35 year old Lee hand auto-prime for stuff I don't load on my progressive press.
  2. Roadking Larry

    What do you think this new law will do to crime and do you think it will survive the year?

    I think crime stats will will "improve" If there is no arrest and no criminal to prosecute then there is nothing to report to the crime stats. The libtards can point to their BS numbers and tell everyone how successful their measures have been. Of course anyone with half a brain will realize it...
  3. Roadking Larry

    200 Armed Riot Police Break Up Christian Church Service In Canada

    Getting what they voted for, good and hard. (maybe not so much the church folk but Canadians in general)
  4. Roadking Larry

    Hey Tony...Did you know this?

    "Old" Alluwe was inundated when Oologah Lake was built. The town and residents were moved to New Alluwe. It is a "wide spot in the road" farming community on the East side of Oologah lake a little North of Chelsea. When the lake is low you can still find the floors and foundations of the old...
  5. Roadking Larry

    Lead for casting, in Layman’s terms

    Casting and shooting lead boolits can be a very rewarding, and sometimes very frustrating, branch of the shooting sports hobby. There is a lot of good info to be had from the interwebz on casting boolits. Your clip on wheel weights will make fine boolits for most of your casual reloads and...
  6. Roadking Larry

    Could this be the cleansing ?

    I'm not seeing a down side here.
  7. Roadking Larry

    Retired Major General Reduced To 2nd Lt

    I call that "death by Daisey". Stripped naked, tied spread eagle and then shot to death with a Daisey air rifle. Periodically the condemned should be doused with isopropyl alcohol, we wouldn't want an infection to set in during the execution.
  8. Roadking Larry

    Retired Major General Reduced To 2nd Lt

    That offense qualifies for what I call "the big hole sentence". After a fair and proper trial and duly convicted the condemned is led out to a big hole recently dug by a large back hoe. Condemned is thrown into the hole. No intermediate steps like execution needed. Back hoe fills in the hole...
  9. Roadking Larry

    Lumber not expensive enough?

    Well, If they're not I can't think of anything they could do different if they were.
  10. Roadking Larry

    This Was On Breitbart Tonight

    She's just another commie shill.
  11. Roadking Larry

    What is your favorite snuff?

    Copenhagen since 1978.
  12. Roadking Larry

    Hey Reloaders

    Unique is my "go-to" powder from .38 Special, .357 Mag, .45 ACP, .45 Colt and even .30-30 plinker loads, all under cast bullets. Plenty of choices for pistol powder, some a little better maybe, some maybe not. But, Unique is the most versatile powder on my shelf.
  13. Roadking Larry

    Another mass shooting. This time in Los Angeles

    Sometimes I imagine what the reporting about my meager collection would say and chuckle. :pms2:
  14. Roadking Larry

    "Forgotten astronaut" Michael Collins dies at 90

    High Flight Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds, --and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of --Wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence...
  15. Roadking Larry

    All us white folks have to give up BBQ now..

    I guess I'll just stick with my good old fashioned salads then
  16. Roadking Larry

    If you were to contact Smith and Wesson

    If you want a box to use when "passing down" find a local wood worker to make a nice presentation box.
  17. Roadking Larry

    First squirrel

    Is it sh!tbird season already?
  18. Roadking Larry

    What almost got you?

    Motorcycle Vs car when I was 16. Highway Patrol estimated my speed at impact as 80 mph. Brand new 1978 Chevy Chevette, the car was totaled, I slept in my own bed that night and I rode the bike again (after a rather extensive rebuild). Most recent was a gangrenous gall bladder last August, that...
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