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    Speedstrips and J-Frame

    ......or one of those single actions that can shoot like double actions when they have a fast draw.
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    subsonic .308 barrel length

    24" is good.
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    Speedstrips and J-Frame

    lol....good point.
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    Speedstrips and J-Frame

    Load 6. If you drop one in a reloading panic, you'll still have 5.
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    Fat guy shooting team?

    I wouldn't argue with a short guy WITHOUT a gun in hand.
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    Internal lock and non lock on wheel guns

    :popcorn: :rubhands:
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    S&W Model 627

    I can't answer your question, but I do have my 627 4" Standard coming in tomorrow. I can hardly wait.
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    Is Your Gun a Weapon or a Talisman?

    Well, we can either not have one, or we can keep it unloaded. That would be better....I won't drive to the store because I might have a car wreck.
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    Is Your Gun a Weapon or a Talisman?

    Well, I always thought having a gun was better than not having one.
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